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Sure looks that way!

The stuff we consume even some of our pets will not eat! Is there a hint in all this? You decide. We all know the taste of our favorite hot & cold beverages. That is because they are made with caffeine. But! If we should decide as to find them with no caffeine! Well! We have all heard about how drug addicts try to deal living w/o their recreational drugs.,

Understand what it is:

Even in some of our meds both OTC/BTC have the caffeine as well. We have drug pushers! And do not even know it!



This! Is something no one ever even thought of to be! Because! We were not taught to do/be.

It’s not fitting in, belonging, being/looking “Cool”, carbon copying someone else to be like someone else. Because when you compromise yourself! You lose yourself and become in reality! Fair game to anyone/everyone’s follower when there is no one to follow. Being yourself does not mean you become a loner all your life. In the long & short of it! It does attract people who want to know someone who is themselves and want to get to know them with the possibility of being friends with that person.

A great example is from Joyce Mayer, here is the article link:, .

During the beatnik generation! It was cool to be cool by choice not by standards set by society/ be yourself you have to be yourself! Accept you for whom you are. If others cannot? You are not missing anything from the person(s). You have to be able to live for you. Yes! You will make mistakes but that comes with the world we live in. How else are you going to learn what works? And what does not?

,In order to even learn Philosophy 101! The one prerequisite to learn it! ,Is to be your own person! If you cannot be your own person! Then you cannot learn “Philosophy” .


The way to your own person is. You have to be willing to take some risks in being yourself. It is hard when you have been trying to fit in for so many years.

You have to think for yourself, do for yourself, believe in yourself, know what you know because you know what you know. Do not listen to those who will tell you that you cannot do this/that. You will always encounter naysayers, deterrents. Losers! Love losers! They want someone to drown with them in their own pity. Feeling they cannot make it in this world so they think that they have to stay in their station in life. They want to! But! At the same time! Either do not or are not willing to make something out of themselves or their situation at all.

Hang around these people and they will drown you quicker than a bad alternator drains a car battery! Losers are followers! You have to find people who are positive and stick with them and you to have to do your job to them up as well.

You have to think for yourself as well. Through education and always keep up with the fast paced information. And not let others do you’re thinking for you. This! Is where a lot of people let happen to them. We let others do our thinking for us. And what happens? We end up being no better then they are!

We have dreams, objectives, plans, goals desires in our lives. But! Something happened along the way. When we got our first job! We ended up settling in! And there we stayed. As time went on. We lost our desires, needs, ,wants, in our life. When we see/hear about other that we either know or heard about We get jealous, envious about them.

And what do we do? We end up living the rest of our lives in the land of: “Would have!” “Could have!” “Should have!” But! Did not!
In our life and time! We become petrified by “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!” We have to be mega careful in what we think, say, do to others. I have told people that the real definition of it is not what you or others think it is. I get looks of just short of being called a “Smart ass” No problem there!!!!

Not the first! Not the last!

Breaking away just enough from the mainstream and mindlessness! Is like quitting tobacco. Hard to stop and go in another direction. But! It can be done. The real question is: “Do you want to do it?” You may lose friends but you can also gain friends. These will be the one’s who you just might happen to like!


There are those who just think that they do not have the time to read anything because of our hurry, hurry world that we live in. We would rather hear about then read it. How does that go? “A mind is a terrible thing to waste!”

If you check out the quotes by Earl Nightingale! He talks about just how great books truly are!

Books are our link too many different worlds beyond this one. It opens our minds, gets us to think about people, places, things. They give us views, perspectives, perceptions, spins, takes, on just about anything/everything there is to talk about. Books give us diversity! Freedom from our worlds even if for a moment in time. And transport us to another life and time day and age. To travel to parts of the world. To meet people.They help us take our mind off our problems as well we may not know it! But they do. They also increase our vocabulary! As well as help us to keep in touch with our current words (Although! There are some that you cannot prove it by us!).,

The interesting thing is! If you want to increase it? Read classic literature! Because! The words that were used back then! Are still around even unto today!,

If you looked at the Merriam-Webster dictionary & their unabridged dictionary! You will find that some of the words they used to carry. Are in the unabridged dictionary. That is because those words are not gone from our landscape. They are not used as much as they were. That still does not deter us from expanding our minds!,

If you think about it! It is sad that because of the “Political Correctness” ploy people use on others. That we cannot:”Say what we mean & mean what we say!”.

But that is for another post (“NOT!”).,

If you think about it! Books are the same as the local newspaper. It is “Our copy” of our book that we want to read! And even they are going by way of the dinosaur.




How many times have we either heard or said it ourselves? Someday I’ll do this/that! Start a business?

Who! Are we/they trying to impress/bs? Paraphrasing an old saying: “There are people who live their lives in the shadows of what they could be!”. Is this how we want our lives to be?

This is life! We only get a one time shot at it!

The most widely said thing I have heard from co-workers is: “Yeah! Man! I’m going to start my own business man!” I’m sure we have all heard that and others! As well as the sayings that go along with it!

Let’s take a look at starting a business. I have nothing against those who want to buy into a franchise! But! If you truly think about it! What are you really doing? You are buying yourself a JOB! The franchisor does not care if you make money! Or not! Because you are under contractual obligations to pay them! If! You don’t make it! Needless to say the other alternative!

Multi level marketing (MLM)! This is where you can run a business w/o the administrative expenses involved. But! You do have to read any & all of the fine print! There are some that concentrate on the recruitment of others than the selling of the product/service. I can tell you the many mlm’s I’ve been in! The “What they say vs. what they mean!” crap.

But! The main thing in starting a business and being successful that can separate you from the rest of the pack is this! “PASSION!” If you have passion! You can learn anything/everything keep in mind!  It’s not what you learn! But how you learn! But if you like something! Then you are only going through the motions. If you love something then you are at the starting gate! Now! Push it through with passion!




I swear! There should be a warning at least from the U.S. Surgeon general that social media is harmful to your health, mind, body, soul. If you miss use it! But! What are people really thinking when they use it? Is it their way of becoming the next cyberspace star by posting Who they’re? Where they are? What they are doing & with who? Even on mini-blogs! There have been “Micro wars” started all because something did not like what someone said with, to, for, about whatever!

I have found! That there are people who somehow cannot to this day! Even though they may/may not have a grade school diploma! Still fail to understand/comprehend simple, common sense English! And mistake it for something entirely different. If you were to suggest to someone via social media about what they said! They fly like vultures at you! “How dare you tell me what I can/cannot write/post”? Clearly! That is not what was said! To those people! I wonder what recreational drugs & the method of delivery they use?

Are we that “Mild” in the mind? That we have reached a point in time! Where we cannot even think of using “APATHY”! in our dealings with people?

Two points need to be made here! 1.political correctness! Is nothing more! nothing less! Than a ploy to those around us to “Conform & Comply” as to what those who want others to say & do! 2. common sense! Is still around alive & and well and defined as:

Keep in mind! Common sense has been around for centuries! It’s the stuff that our parents used to help keep us safe!

There is a history about political correctness but basically! It came from a comic strip! I sure hope that the use of it in the comic strip was funner than the crap that’s going around today!



I cannot believe!

How my life has changed over the yrs.. With the advent of the PC being within reach with the comparison of the prices then vs. now.

In my time! we only had the TV, radio, record player,our cars to tinker with & going through the motions of daily living. Has our life/lifestyle really changed? And could we ever even think of going back to the way we were? We are in way too deep to do that. There was a time! When if we were without our wristwatch! We would feel naked. The same holds true for our electronic PC’s and other handheld devices as well. 

Remember when we use to carry a paper datebook with us? Desktop date pad? Even if we to be without electricity to power even our PC’S! Can we live for a while or longer? I can hear someone calling the electric co. now! 

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