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It was 1973!

My very first job at a printing plant in the shipping & receiving dept. It was not until about three months later It was a Saturday morning. My parents and I were at our favorite restaurant we went to in the mourning. And I decided since I did “Some” money on me (At that time I was making $65.52 a wk. after taxes! You don’t ever forget you how much money you made the at your first job!).Why not buy some cigars? At The time I did which cigars were the good stuff (The quality ones!). Or the cheapies (I learned fast about that one!).

I bought the ones with the plastic holders. Aromatic ones. Over time I got to a point that! I could not stand the aromatic ones., After I left work. And got home! I began smoking them. Then I went to the drugstore and bought another pack of cigars. Smoked them. And then another and then another then another so on!

In the afternoon! I took a nap. When I woke up! I had this nasty taste in my mouth. My mom looked at me and said: “You’ve been smoking!” She said with a smile on her face. She said: “I seen you buy the pack of cigars and I figured you are working, making money why not!”

All the kids in the neighborhood said: “You were smoking like a fish!”

It was at that point that I learned “Lighten up on the stogies!”

As time went on! I learned about cigars. Not to be a connoisseur of cigars! But which ones I did like and which ones I did not.

The ones that I did like were: A & C Grenadiers dark wrapper, Triplet flavored cigars the one I loved so much! Was the blueberry smell & flavor (Yes! I said flavor because when you picked up the pack! And smell the box you could smell the blueberry sent). They also had apple, cherry, natural as well.

As I got older! I shifted gears if you will. I went to smoking a tobacco pipe! Again I learned as I went along about the type and kinds of pipe tobacco there is.

Again! I tried aromatic blend it was all right but you know ( I found out that most people who were on the receiving end of smokers tobacco product(s), aromatic was the more accepted sent!). There was one that was good. A flavor called “French brandy”. Then I Became a lover of Borkum riff flavored tobacco products. They had cherry, rum, cognac, Champagne.

Now keep in mind! I am not! A real, true smoker in the fullest sense of the word.

I am on again! Off again smoker. Even for me! These e-cigarettes I am not “Head over heels about them”. For all anyone knows! This is a Alt. to get around the no smoking laws.

But as I have researched! Even the these have the nicotine as well.

There is a point in each & everyone’s life where we do have to consider our health Vs. fitting in because everyone else is doing it?

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