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10 Simple Rules For A Happy Life | Live Your Dreams, It’s Possible! | LivinggGOOD

10 Simple Rules For A Happy Life | Live Your Dreams, It’s Possible! | LivinggGOOD.


I am doing No. One Now!


And for people who do not like their job! It’s more than likely. They just do not want to go looking for another job. Or pursue something they would like to start a business. But! What they have to do to make a buck is what stops them dead in their tracks. For example! Sales! There is money to be made from it. But they do not want to hear ever that dreaded word “NO!” People have made their money in sales because they had a plan or a goal for themselves. And they did not let that word gets in their way!


Side note: When it comes to sales. Have a goal in mind. There is a reason for it! With a goal you have a direction of what it is that made you choose sales. Sales! Is taking what you already have! And make a buck out of it! AS for the word “NO”! Keep in mind! You may encounter people who may have had a bad day, time, doing whatever. Do not take it as the last word. Just come back a few days later and try again.


No. 6. Open your mind, heart, arms to new things and people. Not everyone is bad! As for our minds? We have to get past what is there before us to see what else is there.,


Let me take No. Seven a little farther! When you meet someone. Always! Like them first. And let them decide if they want to get to know you farther. If not. Move on there are others in the world.



25 Ways to Be a Better Person Today

25 Ways to Be a Better Person Today.


I would like to talk about some of these.


1. Say thank you and mean it! When people do or say something . Say “You’re welcome” It’s a compliment being given and acknowledged.


7. Set goals wisely. And reward yourself for making progress. When making goals! Setup mini goals for yourself that will lead to your main goal. Because as you accomplish each mini goal. The main goal will seen not as hard to achieve.


12. Be honest for 100& for the entire day. It’s easier than you think. For me its like this! With my luck! Why bother?,


24.,Create your own definition of financial freedom,and inject a dose of passion into your budget. Yes! Saving can be fun.


How to Be a Better Person Day by Day

How to Be a Better Person Day by Day.

I was searching for something the other day!


And I came across this! At first I was surprised to see it. But when I looked up these things I found there was more than I even dared to think about . What is even more interesting! Is that the fact that these are some the one’s that Even I use.,


The one on responsibility can be a big one to some people. But it’s about personal responsibility for growing and becoming who you want to be in your life not anyone else’s.


Down the list!


“Don’t expect instant results!” Change does come slowly. We all know! Nothing comes easy. But this is about us! And how we want to change and perhaps take on something better.


I think that there are people who are not  sure! If they can make any changes in their life because of how they were brought up. I now! I keep gong back to the days of “When they were growing up!” But it is true! There is either something their parents said/did! Or someone said/did or during that time. There is always residue/excess baggage in all our lives. We just were not taught how to get rid of it.


With me! I have met and encountered kids and adults (If they can be called that!) that have said/did stuff but those people are up and over!


I have said it before but it still true! The past is in the past! Why even bother talking about it? Or if you ever  meet them again. What good will it do? Nothing will ever change about it!


All you can do is learn from it, leave it where it is in the past and move on!


How To Be a Better Person: 101 Ways:

How To Be a Better Person: 101 Ways.

The basics are long and many! But they are achievable! To those who may not think so It’s because to some of us. How we were brought up and without knowing even the top 20! Let people, places, and yes things get to us. And again to some! Break us while with others make us into what as well as who we are today! There are basics and also some things as well as insight for us all.


When I was young. I loved to go to the bars and just drink and listen to the music/groups that were there or watched the drummer who enhanced up the beat for the young people to dance to. While I was there! ,did not concern myself with finding someone. I always thought to myself:” If it happens!” “It happens!” An interesting way of saying: “All things in time!”

Over the years as friends come and go! ,I have listened the many guys talk (If not boast & brag about!) this girl and I did this and that girl did that.
At the time! I knew little about what my fellow male friends did and the way they talked it sounded like they did not either. All by relayed messenger (other guy friends “+/-” on the fact/fiction!).

I had to be the only teen in America! Who’s mom allowed me to go get a copy of Playboy every month! And YES! I did look at the pictures. But! ,also read the Playboy advisor as well. Even to this day & beyond I will always call him my mentor because of his advisor section that responded to readers questions! But! How their response was to all them.,

But the thing, that still even to this day! Is how hard, difficult, complex in general! Relationships are these days! It will be a battle of the sexes. Women think/claim they know more than men! Men to the same as well.

The real problem between men and women is too much “EXCREMENT” is going around! But at the same time! There is another problem as well. And that is “TRADITION” How men seen and heard how dad treated mom! And how mom looked & felt after what dad did and their daughters on the same end as well also.

And the next thing in line is! Past relationships on both sides.

When it comes to the past! Let it GO! There is no!!!! Rewinds, instant replays, wayback machines, time tunnels, magical, mystical, cosmic, force that can nor ever will bring it back and change anything!

You learn from it and move on is all any of us can really do.

But! That does not mean to be bitter against any people/animals included!

Believe it or not! Like it or not!

Life itself! Always has! Always will! Be on great big classroom 24/7!

What you learn from it depends on you!

You can either let make you!

Or! Break you!


When my daughter was about three years old. She said she wanted to be a “Contraption fixer!” aka a mechanic. Then! She wanted to be a writer. Nothing became of it! Then!! She wanted to a mental health provider because her be wanted to be one. She did not have the high enough math to be one as well. So! She decided to be a Psychologist.

The point I am trying to make here is! When we first see our kids to be curious in something. That is when we should watch them and see how far it goes. But at the same time. Do not deter them from it. Because what if it’s something they really and truly want to do as they get older? Then it becomes something they can be happy in rather than be miserable in.

Just because! We may be does not mean they (our kids!) have to be.

Let me give you an example! I me some kid (I will call him a kid because he does not even be called a kid at ten when we met. You will find about him in later posts!)

At the time we met! He asked me :”what do you want to be when you grow up?” said: “A DJ!” He laughed! He said he wanted to be an air force jet pilot! He continued! He said: “When you are making $1,00 a year! “I’ll be making $11,000 a year! (Keep i mind! This was 1967. When the COLA was not as bad as it s today! He had said this!)

Then he wanted to be a Hydraulics & pneumatics engineer because his dad new someone who was on and had a $60,000 house in Fla.. He die learn to be one. but somehow he got bitter about his employment ops. I still think that! His dad who was a R.R. engineer! Wanted him to be in a job where he could make a real buck. even thought! His dad was making one at the same time. Instead! He learned Computers.

Amazing! He knew what he what he wanted to be (at 10 yrs.old!)! But! Did not go for it!

I do want to make this even clear! Even given what had happened to Mr. Foley last week.

Over the years! There have been so great many people in this industry that have come and gone. That some have been called veterans of broadcasting.

And for him to put down these people in the industry & bad mouth them is! Well you know how that goes.

Another example is from me!

My mother was at one point in time! A RN. Due to circumstances she lost her license. And became a housekeeper for hire.,

It was not until ,was about 14 years old. I wanted to be a writer. Although For several years I did keep it to myself. But! When ,did tell my mom. She said: “You have to know someone!” “You have to pull There went that idea/thought.

Then in later years! I wanted to get into music! My influencers were Burt Bacharach, Chicago, Seals & Croft, Ed Ames, Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66! I told my mom! And! To the same as well.

Years later! About 12 years to be precise! I asked her why did she not let me become any of those things that ,wanted? She said: “I did not want to see you fall flat on your face!”

I know! One should not be put down or blame ones mom! But! In looking back. I knew the why she says what she said. No one wants ever to see their own child not be successful/loose/fail/or “Fall flat on their face!”

My parents did not know what to look for! While my two “Half” Sisters and I were growing up any more than any of us even on to today. As a parent! I think we are more concerned about that they do not get into trouble, get good grades and you know the rest!

Most of us spend a good chunk of our life! Either trying to find something/someone to blame for what we have become in our life.,

There are even some people! Who have stayed at their jobs since it was their first job. And have not even given it a thought about doing something that either wanted, interesting, satisfying to do/be!

When your young and finding a job just to have some money in your pockets to spend. But! It’s another when you make your first job! Your life’s work! When you already have what it is that you have both in mind & want!,


,I myself did not understand the whys of my mom! But guess I made my peace with it.

But! What about us & our kids? ,Are we are telling them to take the course we are? The same job/career vs. what they want to do/be?,

I look at both writing and composing music! As a craft! But! For me writing is booth an interest and a hobby as well. It keeps my interest up constantly! Always thinking, wondering what can ,write next?

,But! It’s something that in looking back! I would still be writing either way! With either by hand, The typewriter (old I know!), Computer/internet, Blogging/posting, author of mini books, op-ed’s.

Do you see what I am talking about?

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