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Until I was 15 years old. I was always on the go with my bicycle! Here, there, any and everywhere I went. I was not concerned about girls. Until! I saw this one! In looks she was not a hottie! But to me she was who I wanted at first sight. To me! She was very lovely, attractive, She had long brown hair, eyes about five ft. Nine in.. Weight does not matter she was slim I do know that! She always wore cool lots in the spring & summer.

She was three years younger than I and I did not mind. It seemed that all a sudden! I am interested in only this one girl no one else. Looking back! She must have been spoiled. Because I had a song book that she wanted and I said no to her. That did it! She said she will not be friends with me ever again! It lasted all summer. I did feel hurt during that time as well. But when spring came around it was like all was forgiven. And we were friends again. This became a summer thing with her. She would find something to end the friendship. And by spring back to square one all over again.

When we were friends! I would tall her about the 45 rpm’s I had this song and that. And her eyes would blink and bulge so fast because I had a song she loved. And asked: “Where did you get that?” I said I knew of a record store that has the current and oldie 45 rpm records. And from that time on I would go on foot to the record store for her and buy with the money she gave me to get her 45’s.

You could not classify the friendship as bf/gf. It was a girl “Type” friend/boy “Type” friend relationship. The many times I asked her to be my gf? And she would say no! Because as she puts it: “The chemistry is just not there!” Of course I did not buy it. But I just let it slide.,

I was at a point in my life where I did not know love, relationships. I do not blame my lack of not always wanting to know those things. Because I was more involved in my freedom to do what I wanted! Go where I wanted! Should I have done so would it have helped? I do not think so. Nobody had a manual with them when they arrive! And no set agenda what is important and what is not.

I guess looking back! Somewhere I might have thought “All in due time”. I know that is how I felt about my first time for sex, and trying weed. It was all in due time for me. ,It was a time when we guys were more concerned about where the best place to take a girl and :make out” And if sex did come into play! We were ready with our condom(s) in our wallet just in case!

But with this girl and I! It never got that far or close. I new she was a “Good Catholic” girl. And my dad told my mom he wished her and I were together because: “She was Catholic and because of her I would have stayed one as well!”.

I thin that she somehow knew that I was different and your everyday guy who followed the rules and did what any young boy would do! Get good grades, either get a job or got to college, find a job find a girl, get married, raise a family, retire and wait for the grim reaper to show up and do his job!

Well! I did come close in a way! What I mean by that is. I had a what I thought was a friend but in the long & short of it! Was the grim reaper! Anytime him and I were not friends! He would hang with this girl and try to get me envious of him. In the long run. He took her away from me. By telling her lies and she believed him. My life has not ever been the same since!

One thing I did learn from all this! Is and this is for the guys I know women talk as well. But their talk is more personal than that of men.

To men (Should this work!) Do not talk bout your relationship with your gf/wife at all. Because! The guy you talk to can and will run his mouth off and then you have a problem. Word does get around and in due time you will hear about it. Then what?




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