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BBC – Capital – A landlord’s dos and don’ts

BBC – Capital – A landlord’s dos and don’ts.

There is much more to this than there is! From the days when my parents were rental agents. That handled just about anything that needed fixing, repairing to rentals. I watched them as they did voluntary in turn for a four room apartment for in those days a $65.00 (USD) a month. I saw what the income property owner had to go through. Let’s start out with an empty apt. Put a classified ad in the local paper, wait for someone to bite, show the place to the prospective tenant, hope they want it, then if they want it (This place was on a month to month rental), the tenant would pay both the first and last months rent (The last months rent was another name for security deposit), And the day they moved in was when the rent was expected to be paid. The owner was lucky! Most of her tenants did pay on time. Its that “Downtime Among rental that is the worse. Unless! You are into industrial, office leases.

The “”REAL” Damage was when they left! One tenant! Used the biggest nails he could find. To hang his Bud wall mounts on. That one stands out the most. There were others who want to re-rent again! Who knows! There are people who do think that rentals are the way! “NOT!”

What a lots of renters do not know is! Credit reporting agencies look at on time rentals as a loan! And it does effect your credit rating.



As you can see! There is money to be made from fracking. But! At what cost? When I first heard about it. I did not like it! Chemicals in the water to extract the natural gas? When the gas is extracted. Where does the rests of the chemicals go? It has to go somewhere?

For companies! It’s an easy way to get at the natural gas. For us not so. Fracking is being blamed for contaminating water supplies, even earthquakes. All for profit.

What happens if companies extracted all the chemicals from the earth? Then what?


I have not had any of them in my life. I think it’s because of the way my parents were brought up. There have been time when I had my favorite stars! But that was it.

I grew up watching a “LOT” of cartoons. And that may has had something to do with it. Each time I saw rin tin tin, the lone ranger, fury, flipper! I got so depressed you would not believe.

But The prime time stars! That was different. Prime time when I was growing up. Was mostly TV programs, some movies, specials.

I did see the bad guys! But I knew it was all make believe. I learned that on my own. I did learn about how crime does not pay, the good guys always win and get the girl (All but me!), Were there any? Heroes and villains and roll models for me? No!

Do we need them even today? No! Because all of them fail in one way or another or at sometime when you least expect it. If we want any of them! We have to look into the past for ,them.

The two great men from the past! Are Abe Lincoln & Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I do have to admire these two men. Because for example! Abe Lincoln when he was growing up. He was in height, 6 feet four inches (1.93 meters). And with his height he was able to do any things other men could not. Plus! Given the fact that he knew that whatever he did there was some money waiting for him afterwards.,

As for FDR! His world was one big observation deck! Nature always held him in awe of her beauty. He was a man that was upright, honesty, outstanding, morals, ethics, common sense and so on.

As I was growing up! I learned from people who I somehow knew they were the one’s that had so much more than I. They have been around they know where they are coming from and you knew it. I could not use them for any kind/type of role models. They came! They went! You develop this sense of IDK! What you would call it. But you knew this was no ordinary person.

The things we said and did as well as the others who said and did things to us as well had an influence on us growing up.

The one’s who made us what we are today! When we least expect it. To those I can say TY!!!!


For most my life! I have been going solo. Because I have found that the one’s that I thought were friends! Were not. And that left me all by myself. At first I did not like it but then! It was not so bad from then on. ,I found that I could do whatever I wanted and loved it! Did things as I want, enjoy my freedom so much more.,

Not everyone! Is cut out to be like me. And I understand it. But when you find out like I did. Well for me having friends is all well and good. When you are on your own. It becomes a new freedom for you. I did not anyone to answer to. And then some.

Given the laws the way they are these days! There is still freedom in the world. But due to those who think otherwise! They are the one’s who make it tough on the rest of us.,

In all! Freedom abounds! While we stay within the laws itself.

There are benefits to flying solo! Is you have more time to devote to you. Where you want to be, what you want to be, a better life/lifestyle, picking & choosing who you want in your life. Personal accomplishments, many more.

Someone may have said that: “The more the merrier!” in a way yes/no! Running solo is somewhat like being a minimalist! You can have as many friends as you want! But! Do you need to have so many friends telling you “You cannot do this!” “You cannot do that!” in your life? Of course not.

It is you who has to live with yourself not them.


I guess you could say that I was looking for a continuation of what I posted earlier.

But! This is just as good because I can relate to it. I was a student in a school(s) where you either a good student! Or you were treated as excrement! I meant what I said! At the time there was no real testing for abilities to see if you were meant to be in regular classes. Or slow learners class.

My mom had a hard time convincing the school principle to put me in slow learners class. The principal said: “We will put him in regular class”. Mistake! If ever. My mom even told me I flunked each & every class! But! They still kept on passing me. When she asked the principal why? The principal said: “Because of his age!”. I was always one to two years older than my other classmates.,

Teachers should not put down a child in front of their classmates because of their problem(s) in class where they think that will help “Wake them up!”. Not true! It does more harm than good.

Granted! Teachers are not child mental health experts. But that is to presented to the parents & the principal for them to decide not the teacher.,

Over the years! I found that the boys were called on more than the girls! Chauvinism! Even in grade school!

And YES! There was some what was called “Class Clowns” in school. We (Yes! even me!) did not really want to be there but! You know how that works.

The inconsistencies! Of teachers how “They” wanted their classroom to be. I still think it’s a matter of bragging rights to the other teachers of: “Look how well my students are!”.

If! There was ever a child that was not behaving! It was either the ruler, yard stick, thick paddle (Many a day! I saw many a yard stick break in half when in contact to the kids caboose!). Board of education to the seat of knowledge! “GOOD ONE!”

It’s not as easy today! To teach kids as it was way back then! Even back then. The teachers thought they had it tough!,

But! Because of the world and the society we live! Teachers are not the only one’s w/o sin! Parent(s) too are to blame as well! Genealogy! Has a lot to do with how our kids are raised as well.

When our parents were raised by their parents and so on. It does get past down to us in turn we pass it down to us as well.

It also affects the child’s behavior in class and their ability to learn as well.,

What our kids need! Is somehow for them to think of how this problem can be worked. Our school system is a combo of one big day care center, a human version of pc programing because that is what the school system really does rather than get kids to learn how to use their minds to the max!

I can remember in the 70’s! We were concerned about the environment of where our kids learned. Now! We are more concerned about the system itself!,

Us as parents want our kids to get a good education so that they can compete for jobs/careers. But! At the same time we do not want to open our pocketbooks to do that because of the (even) politics that come into play!

Why Do Americans Stink at Math? –

Why Do Americans Stink at Math? –

When I went to school in the 60’s and early 70’s!

School even back then were in much needed repair or at the very least a “OVERHAUL”. Because of the life/times e were way back when. That we did not need to even expand or change anything AKA “If it’s not broke don’t fix it” mentality. I can remember one time! A student teacher! Got up and left because he thought that the teacher was wrong about something he said/did.

,I think the very worst thing about school! Is the very fact that the teachers themselves! Conflict with other teachers! What I mean by that is each teacher had their own way of teaching the class. You get used to one! Then! You have a conversion for the other. How the teacher conducted the class, how they taught the class. How they came up with the answer there was no thinking involved at all.,

I can remember when it came to even math! How you get to the answer is this way and nothing else. My daughter! When she was in high school. Had a teacher who got all over her because the teacher wanted her to figure out the math problem one way “HER”S”. It bothered her so much! I told her: “Look! You know you can do it!” “And! I know you can do it!” “Just do it the way she wants you its more than likely she just wants that peace of mind knowing you can do it her way!” My daughter did and it worked!

The subjects that most teachers do agree on! Are Social Studies, Science, American History, Health, Art, English, reading, spelling.

But! When it comes to teaching math. Both math & teachers are one of the same different, conflicting, “CONFUSING!”

And johnny can’t read?

I am not one for conformity! But! When you have teachers who have that degree that says “They can teach!” And more then likely have their own set of ideas of how their classroom is going to be! Someone is sucking down the wrong meds!


Some of you may remember! I posted an article about it.

Guess what? Here it comes again!

The thing to keep in mind is the income Vs. Outcome. This cannot be overdone.

1. Always keep track of your money! It’s yours! Why not?

2. Be responsible where it comes from! And where it goes. That means keep track of each cent & dollar you spend. There is a reason for this.

If you kept a record of where it came from and where it is going! You will find that over time. Money you did not even think you had before. This does not mean being stingy, cheapskate, tightwad whatever!

3. Work the coupons to your advantage. Example: When there is a sale! And you know it is as sale. Always use the paper, e-coupons and you savings card the grocery store has for it’s customers as well. Be aware of displays that may look like a sale but! It’s a price increase.

4. Cut the cable/satellite! Americans are now cutting the cable/ satellite because of rate increases/service. And! Why still have it! When you can go on the Internet and watch it at little to no cost?

5. Cut the landline! 67% of Americans a doing just that. Because it’s cheaper to use your cell phone that a landline.

6. Investing! A bad word if ever? There people who still believe that it’s better to either play the lottery/gamble it away. But! Think of it this way! With what the banks are paying people who leave their money in the bank. And with what banks are charging for interest. You could make four times that much if you invested in the market. YES! You do have to know what you are doing when it comes to investing. So is playing the lottery/gambling!


8. Brown bag it for a while!

9. Rent, subscribe, take-out movies! The take-out is from the library.

10. ISP’S! There are many ISP’S in cyberspace. One where you can connect to it via your toilet! I have one where it uses cell phone frequencies to connect to the Internet for $50.00 mo..

11. Consider: “Minimalists” Now! This is something that everyone should think about. ,I’m a minimalist! It’s something that I did not know exist until I realized I am. Even though I do love my food, drink, wearing what I want to wear, living on my terms and such. Being a minimalist. Affords me the time I would otherwise spend on trying to figure out who gets paid first? Me? Or them?

12. Retirement! I have met people who think that “When I am fully vested I can retire and spend time with the grandkids!” Once they do. They start to find that! That Company retirement pension. Gets depleted rapidly! And they find themselves trying to find work and continue until the legal age to retire.

Planning! Is everything!

The sooner you find a job! That is when clearly should thin about setting up a retirement account. Even during the President Carter Administration! Social security was not as stable as we thought it was. Even onto today.

13. The reason I put this Is because as it has been said: “Money is the root of all evil”. We have heard the stories about people who won the lottery and stuff! And those who went through it like water. As you will see it is not the only game in town.


15. Consider A part time job! Now! The thing here is that. Once you start one! It can and does become addictive. Because you can get used to it and when you do decide to leave it! It’s very hard to go back to an one income. I suggest this only because if you have some things you would like to get rid of. Then this is a good way to go.

16. If you are those who were laid off because of the “Great Recession” and working at a fast food place! Let’s say that you have a marketable skill. Why not think about “Freelancing”. It means that you take what you know and make a buck out of it. When you start out you may have to make you are asking price a little lower than what the market is asking. Once you establish yourself! Slowly increase your price to what the market is.

17. Funding for school! This may seem like the “Death Sentence” for some! But! The times are changing. There is no rewind, way back machines! As I understand it! Most Federal, state funding. Asks for the person who is out of work that if they want to retool of learn another line of work. Is to find something that takes two years or less to learn. It does take time to find these things out! It will not drop out of the sky for you!

18. If you need help in paying your utilities! Look into Federal, State agencies for help. Also! These cell phone carriers do offer Government subsidized phone service. Be careful! There are cell phone companies that do offer a free used cell phone! But! They will try to ask you to pay for additional minutes as well. DON’T! Its a ploy! , You do have to meet Federal poverty guidelines to get any kind/type of help/funding.

19. When it comes to eligibility ! The Federal Government has some sort of eligibility form. Do not do it! Go to the agency and apply for it there.

20. RECYCLE! I have seen people who think “You can make a lot of money recycling!” Yes! And No! Recycling does have many benefits. But! Think of the time you would need to make a lot of money recycling? Vs. Cashing in? The money you can make from recycling can go for something later on. Not the here & now! The pennies do add up!

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