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I have always thought about it! And always believed. Putting people in jail (as I heard it said!) is about as useless as boobs on a bulls caboose.

From way back when! To the present. Inmates have really, truly learned nothing! But either to do it better! Or! Find some other line of criminal activity. Perhaps! By someone who has done it and he too! Is there because he may not have done it right and someone there may have figured it out much better and then when time comes. And they are released! They do it! In time are found! And put back and the cycle/process starts all over again!

I guess you could say that! Since they’re ever was a prison. Rehab! Was nowhere to be found. And what there was that could be rehab. Did it work? What is the unemployment rate in this country again?

Basically! All a prisoner can really do while there. Is make license plates? We do need them. But! It seems that even rehab! Is in itself a controversy!

If you think about it! Jails are a descent winter home! You get a warm place to stay, three meals a day, medical care, camaraderie (in a way, sort of!), live off the work-a-day taxpayer.

Is there or could there be a way for rehab? That is like coming up with the “New Math”. People are afraid to try it! Because if it does not work. Then! Back to square one!

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