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It’s hard for me to decide which one would come first! But! Here goes in no specific order!

Look into ways to conserve all our natural resources. Even if it means recycling used water but to have it processed and filtered better than it went out through the tap. Put a moratorium on fracking. As far as I am concerned! There is not enough through research on it. More alleged problems than it solves. To come up with a better National health care plan the current one.

Even though some if not most of us! Do not wake up to Industrial air pollution. It stilled needs to be right up there with the rest of them. Clearly! The key to this world! Is recycling all things! Ever since civilization began. It was there! In time we used it and did not bother to think nothing of it. Now! We have to do what we have to do. Or later down the road. It will become either a hot commodity to a point that it will be on a first come! First serve basis. Or the good old black market will have it but at a much bigger price and who knows what might be in the water? Or! Take what one has so that we can live on it too!

I just hope that! We do not see ourselves in a situation where we may have to live without what we got used to live with.

To filter public assistance! Yes! There are people who are in need of it! But! There are those who are always on the take of any if not every kind and type of assistance since it does not come out of their pocket. I was told by one person who worked a food pantry place for the low income. She said she could not give out what the Federal poverty level because she had found that when she did! They would come back under the income level. She got onto their game quick!

Wars! Sends chills up and down the spines of one and all! The question comes into mind: “How do you stop a poor man’s war?” Do what we are doing now? We will not see the end of groups like ISIS! There will be others. No doubt!

The eradication of “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS”! And replace it to bring back “COMMON SENSE”! LOOK IT UP! IT’S A WORD/PHRASE!


Shoppers in Venezuela might soon have to be fingerprinted in order to buy food – The Week

Shoppers in Venezuela might soon have to be fingerprinted in order to buy food – The Week.

It is a slow!

But sure process! in time it will be our turn!

BBC – Capital – The slippery slope of getting away with small stuff

BBC – Capital – The slippery slope of getting away with small stuff.

I worked at a Company where there was a time. When the Company did have ethics. But as years went by! So did the ethics. That! When I worked there. The Company bought the union out! So they could have the freedom in whom goes! And Who stays!


At the same time! Their own blue collar employees were helping themselves to the companies equipment by getting up way early and getting to work and helping themselves to anything they wanted! The one’s who had keys to the place was no better. But! No one was the wiser either.


I worked at another Company where at one time! We were so busy. The Company hired anyone who was a warm body! At one point! One of the Newbie learned how to put hangers on the yearly calendars. Now! These calendars were not to be issued to the employees until the clients calendars were sent to 75 percent of the country. But this newbie waited until the evening when he came back and made calendars for him to sell downtown for half price whiles we were making them.


The long & short of it!


Even if you think your employer may/may not have cameras that you can see! They can still track down if they so desire. Who was where, when. Let’s just hope that the cams are not in focus or at least not working.,


What I mean by that is!

I am a member of many! Of them.,

I did at one point! Love it! But in due time I have found people who are by their own choice! (Using political correctness ways & means!) injuring me by inflecting me with their: “I am right! &! that is it! You are not going to tell me excrement!” crap! As to what they think are the problems, causes of the world. When I am only here! Reminiscing about days gone by! This idiot! Gets out his DIY soapbox! And tells me what he thinks are the afore said! Clearly! If we were talking economics & politics! Then he may be onto something! But we were not nor where I was about politics & economies at all.,

Granted! I have always said! That when it comes to people who think they know vs. what they do know! Is bigger than space itself! I would much just let them “Rattle & Hum!” Even if they clearly do not know the words!

It is unfortunate! That to these people. There is a difference among “Making a comment vs.passing judgment vs. persecution. They do not know which end is up!

That these people have to in their micro minds! Have to resort to using words that are nowhere to be found at all? But just to make their point! They feel they have to glue labels, names, call something/someone names to get their point across!,

At the very least! Someone either is in need of: a pre-winters nap, back to somewhere among romper room, preschool, or use the Internet to look up the word they are desperate need to make their point or have the one close by just in case!

There is a difference in just reminiscing and making a comment!

If they want to inflict their political & economic diseases! There are many sites out there.

Why be toxic? When one has the Internet to play & infect others with their crap!

The world may never know!

Mindless drivel! Is for the water coolers & coffee klatches! ,Not! Open forums! Open forums are for thought, ops., perceptions, exchanging of ideas, beliefs (If! That is where the topic/subject is headed!).,

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