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I just got through reading my LinkedIn readers gr. Article about books.

And the Author said that he sees books being printed electronically instead of by machine.

Because of Barnes & Noble is going through.

That we may see this come to pass.

In a way!

It has been said about the local newspaper as well.

But! There is a difference.

Because of the Internet!

The local newspaper is going bye bye!


But with books!

Not so much.

We as humans still love to hold the copy of that book that we either read or heard about so much.

The one (special) book that we can say “This is my book!”

The feel, smell, touch, the print!

Being able to curl up and read it before bed or after dinner or a date or whatever.

A book is one thing that will not change.

It will always be there to be read again and again.


Unlike our need to stay on top of the world around us that today’s newspaper cannot keep up with us!

The book is something that will not change.

Remember! Reading your very first book?

How it felt reading something for the first time?

Reading something about someone,

A person, place, thing!

Did it get you to think, feel?

Books can make us do a lot of things we may have never even thought of (doing).

We may not have books printed the way we do now!

But! The article did not say that we cannot call a book( no matter how it’s printed!) “our own!”



The media is playing it!

Like it is!

Does anyone remember the cold snap of the 70’s?

That! Was a hard winter to take!

The temps we are going through is nothing compared to the 70’s!

I can remember a time when it was in the mourning in the 60’s and this is still in winter.

Then! In less then 1 hr.!

We were in the teens!

Then another time!

I was working and the temps went down so fast!

The state ordered all businesses closed because of it!

By 1:00pm!

It was -26 below zero!!!!

And the sun was shinning!!!!!

During that time!

The news!

Said for us to put a blanket on our cars engine to keep it kind of warm.

Or “Block heaters”!

Under the cars engine to the same as well.

But! Nothing beats going outside and starting it up every few mins. or so.

Alaska had summer in the winter!

If that helps!


I have always been one! For things that have been around for many years.
There is a network called “classic arts showcase”.
It has lots of things to watch.
Concerts, films, experimental films, ballet, opera (although I’m not one for opera but I do have my fav’s!).

Those who may not think!

That the arts are only for those who can afford to go to these things.

Think again!

When you talk about current events, thoughts, feelings, opinions, comments so on.

You are using the arts!

The arts are a form of expression!

When we here in Cleveland, Ohio USA!

Have wneo/weao that carries classic arts showcase.

And on the FM band we have wksu that plays light classical and wclv that has fine arts programing all day and all night.

And on the Internet!

When I was a kid!

My mom had a Columbia “unbreakable” vinyl record album.

That had the nutcracker suite op 71a.

And on the “B” side.

There was a song called “none but the lonely heart!

That was it!

There was a salvage store that bought/sold junk and other things.

He sold 45 RPM’s for 10 cents (USD).

The most he had was (to those of you who may remember!) RCA red seal records.

And YES! The 45’s were red!

There were some that had the label “Red seal” but they were black.

I can remember Hogy Carmichael, Auturo Toscanini and others.

The BBC online has classical music and radio dramas!

In any city!

There are museums of any and every kind/type.

It’s all a matter of going out or even listening or watching something that is not!!!!

A reality based program.

And finding out that!

YES! Virginia!!!!

There really is another world out here!!!!!

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