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LeSean McCoy left a 20 cent tip on a $61.56 tab at Philly burger joint | FOX Sports

LeSean McCoy left a 20 cent tip on a $61.56 tab at Philly burger joint | FOX Sports.

This! Is nothing uncommon! We do have not only sports stars, movie stars, TV personalities and the like! I my self! Have come to know a millionaire family! That is so stingy with the bucks. The son will come over his mom’s house! And try to “Lift” his mom’s newspaper and take it to work with him.


More than likely! He may have thought that: “You should be honored that my friends and I even came here!” And because the server missed an item. He leaves a .20 tip? Who in this world! Has not in their lifetime. Forgotten something either for themselves? Or for someone else?


Perfection not attainable in anyone’s lifetime! It is something to go for! But no one will ever be perfect. Sorry! You know who you are!



Where you lived! Was there a favorite place to eat?

Here in Cleveland, Ohio USA!
There were some mom & pop restaurant’s.
That we loved so much.
But the one place I do recall!
Was a local place called “Royal Castle”!
They made little burgers.
And I mean little round burgers.

I also remember there was a delicatessen that made burgers and shakes. This place had a chocolate peanuts they would put in their chocolate shakes “Loved It!”

There were deli’s and grills that served burgers, shakes, fires.
Who could ever forget servers on roller-skates?
As a little kid I could not understand it.
So used to eating indoors.

In our neighborhood! There was a five cent & $10.00 store that also made the popular drinks that teens loved and enjoyed playing pinball and jukebox “Beatles” mostly.
I loved! Seeing guy s play pinball and lift the table up! And the,“TILT” Sign comes up! The young guys I remember! Smoked like fishes!

There was a restaurant called Denny’s! I only seen the building!
But at the time was closed.

There was a restaurant called
The Red Barn”
It had burgers called,“The Big Barney!”
Similar to McD’S,“Big Mac”
Fried chicken were the two I really went for!
There was those joints where they made the burgers just right that somehow made taste special.

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