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Why Night of Champions sucked and why WWE is fading | Pro MMA Now

Why Night of Champions sucked and why WWE is fading | Pro MMA Now.

In the 80’s! I watched the then WWF now WWE. Since a company that transmits cable via microwave rooftop antenna. At that time! The weekly program came from then WOR-TV from N.J.. Every Saturday I was glued to the set. Even back then it was not so much acrobatics as has been for many years. The WWF was more a family oriented type of show. Can anyone remember the merchandise they sold on their show?

It was not until WCW began really giving (From this point on WWE) the WWE a run for its money! Then! We saw Monday night RAW! Then Smackdown then Saturday night’s main event on NBC! And then lots of PPV’s along the way.

The wrestlers would go back and fourth from one major org. To the other. Then when WCW was gone! The WWE kept up rather well with its superstars. Hulk Hogan! Who could not love that guy? But! I found that over many matches. His moves were what can only be called “Choreographed!”. He would started out like a house afire! Then fizz! Then lit back up! Then fizzed again! Eventually he always won!

Other wrestlers! “Stone cold” Steve Austin, “The rock”, Randy Savage, “Nature Boy” Rick Flair, and then some!

But after WCW went bye-bye! There went the competitiveness, the excitement among the two “Power Houses”. During that time! The storylines were not that big of a deal. Now! They are.

Even while it was known as the WWF! Each match had a time limit! Now a days! None!

Let me make this clear! I still love the wrestlers on the WWF! But! Do they have to go at it almost every night! In almost every match! Get so winded that you see them just trying to get a little breather! It is my understanding that they are Independent Contractors responsible for all expenses.

This will give you some idea:

If the industry still wants to keep them. There has to be something more as well as some extra time among traveling from town to town. And yes! Time zone to time zone.

As I said! I love watching it! But! Not at the expense of wrestlers health!


Cable Television History/AND THE NEXT PHASE

Cable Television History.

What I find interesting is! That on over-the-air (Broadcast) Tv is that ever since the advent of HDTV. There has been more channels added by local broadcasters.

And I was thinking: “Could this be the next phase of cable?” Because of the most reliable thing about cable is the fact of it’s rates keep going up as sure as the next day will come.

As for programing. Cable is narrow! Broadcasting wide! I mean. How many channels can we really watch even at one time? One one TV? Given the addition of extra channels on broadcast TV. It’s free,There’s no bill, It’s all a matter of finding the right antenna and positioning it as we did before when we had analog.  Of if you! who are like me! DX’er’s! Love to tinker with the broadcast receivers & antennas! move this here, that there and so on.

So far here in CLeveland, Ohio USA! We have a local weather radar, lifestyle, antenna TV, METV, GET-TV, Escape, GRIT, Bounce And on ION-TV they have HSN & QVC as well as normal programming.

But always keep in mind! It does depend on where you are and the elevation of your location that can give you the best reception and more channels.

And  with more people cutting the cable due to the costs! Why not?

MTV turns 33! Reality has set in, and we miss those music videos – Entertainment –

MTV turns 33! Reality has set in, and we miss those music videos – Entertainment –

As I remember it!

I lived in Parma, Ohio USA. And I came home just in time to see the launching of MTV! I knew then it was going to be different. The music videos fantastic. I just sat there. Mesmerized! It had the music news, VJ’s, Commercials, More music videos. The whole night! I just sat there.,


As I understood it! The music videos were originally called Promotional Videos” When MTV got them! They became “Music Videos”. The record Companies gave them the videos for free. As I heard it! When MTV cleared a profit! The record Companies wanted a piece of the pie. When J. J. Jackson was on. Everyone thought that he was the guy who did the song “It’s all right”.  He was not. There were spin-offs of MTV as well!


For a guy who was raised on rock-n-roll! I loved the new music! This! Was when there was break dancing going on. Then! The rap came. Then there was a little bit of a problem! It was the content of the rap that was the problem. But the artist claim “Artistic Expression”. And we know the rest.


I think the real problem might have been boredom in watching music videos all day/night! That did MTV in. If that was the case! Then why would they people behind MTV! Create VH-1? But! The same happened to it as well.


Fifty Years Ago Today: The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night | TIME

Fifty Years Ago Today: The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night | TIME.


I remember this movie. When I was 8 yrs. old! When it came out I asked my mom about buying a 45 rpm of the song(s). She said “NO!”

Clearly! she did not care for them. Later she did buy me one 45 but it was that of George Martin and his instrumental versions of that boy & I love her. Then later she did buy me two 45’s. of the songs A Hard day’s night and the “B” side was I should have known better and the other And I love her and The “B” side was If I fell.

It was not until NBC decided to air the movie in primetime! I asked my mom if I could see it? Again! She said “NO”! It was not until cable came along that I did see it!

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