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I’m sure for those of us who frequent the corner record store or retail record department.

Had such a feeling when we walked in.

We would  hear the stores record player playing the current song that was popular at that time.

Not only! The album jackets were fascinating but some of the 45’s disk jackets were interesting as well.

IDK! But! To me the record store was much more quieter the the local library.


The looks on the people’s faces as they went through the rows of either 45’s or albums looking for what they wanted or whatever hit their eye.

The corner record store was the place where you could not only get that record you heard on the radio or at your friend’s house!

But! You could get your needle changed, 45 adapters, the local (free) teen magazine(s) as well.

I remember when my mom and I were at one record store.

And there were two people who worked there.

And someone played the song: You’ll never get to heaven by the stylistics.

And they began to slow dance to it right there in the record store!

My mom (Who BTW was in her 50’s and loved listening to rock-n-roll!) and I loved it.

Freedom right in the store!

There was one record store that had mostly 45’s oldies but goodies as awela current hits as well.

Tommy Edwards record heaven!

Talk about a kid at the candy store!!!!!!!

The local radio station would have the weekly current hit list.


Some record stores!

Even had for sale!

Albums that were not for sale on sale!

But that took a lot more digging to find them.


It was not until the late 60’s the corner record store became extinct!

Like the way of the dinosaur.

Whether we like it or not! Believe it or not!

Music shaped us changed, molded us to what we are today!

The songs, artists, musical instrumentals.

Back then!

We could get by with all the snap, crackle, pop our records had when we played them.


I always found that when I put a coin on the arm.

I got (as it seems!) more instruments/vocals than with just the arm on the record itself.


My first collection of records!

Were the kiddie songs my mom had bought for my sisters long before I was born.

And it got passed down to me.

An old “Howdy Doody” album, Nutcracker suite op. 71a.

I remember on the b side it had a variety of songs.

The one that I remember was one called none but the lonely heart.

The album itself!

Was a Columbia recording that (as they said it!) an “Unbreakable album!”


I remember my mom did not like the beatles since the time she saw them on TV.

But! When the movie a hard days night came out!

She broke down and bought me two 45’s from the beatles.

And the rest is history.


Music became such an influential part of my life.

When all my so-called friends were nowhere to be found!

The radio & the record player were there.


I’m sure!

That some if not most of us.

As the music was playing and we were all alone!

We would pretend to be that singer,(air) guitar player, conductor of the music we would play.


The songs about love & relationships that talked to us (not at us as it is today!).

The novelty songs!

The one’s that had someone talking to someone and their response was a bite from a song.

As well as the artists that sang novelty songs too!

Not since the 70’s!

I have not heard any kind/type of  novelty song(s) since then.

Have we lost our sense of humor????????



Remember that smell of your favorite flowers, food, cooking, baking or that smell of something that made you go back in time!

Even to this day!

I can remember when I was little and walking down the street in downtown Cleveland, Ohio USA.

The 5 cent & $10.00 stores with their snack bars!

Hot Dogs rolling in the rotisseries, the buns warm, the fountain drinks mine was Richardson’s root beer in the wooden barrel dispenser.

Another had not only hot dogs!

Also BBQ’ed pork, bergs!

The smell of. S. SKresge’s fried fish, doughnuts being made as you watched.

The exhaust fans of not only the 5 & 10, but the drug stores and restaurants both near & far blowing out the smell of days’ bill of fare.

Lunch was something else!

Each day was different.

The restaurants downtown most of them did not serve dinner.

Most stores closed up at 5;30 pm.

The one’s that did were a more high class type of place.

But what about those times?

When we walked past some store(s) and took in that smell that brought us back to a simpler time & place when and where we grew up?

Or met our 1st. love/gf/bf, our first 45 RPM/album, our first paycheck!

Our parents took us to breakfast, lunch. Dinner?

That something triggered inside ourselves.

That smell of “Comfort food”.

Even if!

For that second, minute!

To us it was worth it!

Can we lose those memories?

Not as long as those smells are still with us!


I am a lover of the arts!

Some of us may only know little bit of what types/kinds of and areas of the arts I am talking about here.

BOOKS! Classic literature Shakespeare, Twain, Hemingway and the like.

If you read the books of the old and compared them to modern books.

You will find a big difference in both expression and use of the English language.

One book I found so very interesting!

Is called “Lost Horizon”!

It starts out with a group of men talking about people they know and meet in their travels around the world.

What I find so refreshing

These men talk to each other with so much respect and regard for one another as well as the people that they have come to know, nothing bad or negative about anyone whatsoever!

The biography of Abraham Lincoln is interesting as well.

How it was written about him.

His life & times growing up.

Many U.S. Presidents when they had time on their hands.

Would go into the library and read about Abe.

They too!

Found him so very interesting as well.

The autobiography of FDR and how he wrote about his life & times  growing up.

If you read classic & modern books very carefully!

You can get a taste or insight as to the author’s mind.

How s/he thinks and sees things and imagines s/he’s characters.

But the thing that I found is!

If you want to increase your words!

Read classic literature!

Because the words in these books are still active even though they not in full use as the current words of today.


We have seen from the Super bowl to the Olympics!

Opera stars performing at all the worlds.

Opera is not as bad as some of us think!

If you took the time and find out the stories of the opera plays.

You can find not only the story about it.

But the translations of the songs as well.

There is a network called “Classic arts showcase” where you can see the many kinds/types of the arts there is.

It does bring a sampling of what is out there in the world.

One of my many favorites!

Experimental cinema!

I have seen many different ways movies can as well as were made.

It is sad & unfortunate!

That some if not most, of those movies are slowly but surely!

Disintegrating away!

Because while they are in the can!

They are being eaten by the oxygen  that is in the air.

Preserving then is rather hard because of what has to be done with the one’s that have been eaten away.

By inserting pictures of what should be there.

Silent movies are one of my favorites as well!

Even way back then!

The stars had problems, controversies as well.

But the real love lies within the way of how they were made.

Each position, movement, dialog, place cards for the audience to read, the music.Some of the stars even way back then!

Each had their own characteristics their own way that in some ways made them stuck because of what they established themselves as.

Even the stars of yesterday! Jack lemon, Tony randall, and yes! even Laurel & Hardy had their own way of acting.

If we don’t experience!

At the very least!

The movies of the times we grew up and seen and enjoyed again!

Over time we will loose those movies that we liked, love, scared the crap out of us, cried

I myself!

Seen the phantom if the of the opera in silent version!

Compared to the current version.

The silent version is awesome!!!!!

Current version?


Enjoy then while they are still here!


This is not for the faint/weak at heart!

This is about living!

Not by what the world/society dictates!

Living by what you want to do with your life!

We tend to live our lives in quiet desperation (Even though! We do not even know it!).

We think, dream, some of us even try to expect, how our life should be.

But! What do we do down the road?

Look back and think (ALL TOGETHER NOW!!!!) Would have! Should have! Could have!!!!!!….. But! Did not!!!!!!!

That is because we let the “ILL WINDS” of others dictate to us what they think is best!

And what do we do?

Go off course!

From now!!!!!!!!!!

Until the time of the end or when death us do part….. Whichever comes first of course!

With all that is around us!

We can still live our lives the way we want.

It has been said: “Opinions are the cheapest commodities in the world!” “Keep your own good council!”

People you and trust!

I am sure!

If we have not already!

Weeding our garden of people that are for one reason or another.

Have either mislead, lied, who we thought were our friend(s) but proved otherwise!

Then! Who are we left with?

The select few?


Let’s take “The select few!”

These are people who are supportive of us and those we and they have come to know.

Supportive, encouragement, motivation, uplifting.. All those around you and us!


There are going to be times!

When we may need an adjustment in our path, planning of things.

We can and sometimes do get sidetracked from time to time this is normal.

So we do need our council to let us know what happened?

Where did we go off track?

To help us get back on track.

Yes!!!!! This all takes something I think nearly everyone may think is “Old school!”

But! It’s not!

That is a good judge of character!

It’s not hard at all!

You know what you need, want in a true friend!

As with all things!

“Stay the course until you get what you are looking for!!!!!!”

If you do find someone who is of quality & content!


They as well as you!

Fulfill your life.


Let’s talk about ourselves!

I know! Self-centered!

But! When all is left!

What do we have?


I myself!

Have been more of a friend to others!

Then they have to me!

But! I hear the same old crap:”I’ve been more of a to you!” Then you have been a friend to me!”

Sound familiar?

As I said!

That is nothing more! Nothing less!

Than a “Conform & comply my way!”

Refer to the caps!!!!!

To those so-called friends!

I let them “Rattle & hum”! All they want!

I know! Which end is up!

They do not

We “soloist “(If you will!) know!

When we do find friends!

We invest in them penny by penny.

Then, as time goes on.

Then we invest more little by little not putting our eggs all in one basket (all on one person!).

What seems!

Is that when we were growing up!

And we found that there is someone my size/age!

Perhaps I can get s/he to play with me!

As we play!

Do we learn as go along?


Because of our need to be accepted, belong.

Comes into play!

If you know!

What I do!

About people!



If you think about it!

It’s not so much leaders we need!

It’s people who are their own person that is sorely needed.

We have seen! And come to know!

Those who are and or have been followers of the pack!

Never once thinking about themselves, none whatsoever!

Not to a point of self-centered!


Living your life on YOUR terms!

And not by someone else’s so-called standards!



The origin and nature of political correctness (24/2/2013)

It is ever so sad!

To see our culture/civilization gone by way of a few people who try to invoke the “political correctness” (so-called) social contract/rule!

Keep in mind!

These are the very people who if provoked!

Will throw out the contract/rule with the baby & the bath water!

Even before this link.

It had its roots way back as far as 1906!

It did not come into play until the time of the U.S.S.R. Was around.

Back then!

It meant “Tow the line as to what you say about our leader & their administration!”


And what do we have today?

Petrified people & children.

Even kids programing!

Teaches kids how to be mindful of others.

We do not desire/need/want “Political correctness!”

We got along great without it before!

We can do it again.

To those of you who take “Deep Breaths” to convey “I do not like to repeat myself!” folks!

It only means one of two things!!!

You are either bored with what you do (for a living) then why are you there?

Or you have a serious C O2 shortage?

In that case!

You better have a lot of brown paper bags nearby just in case! (Plastic bag’s will, not work BTW!)


Does anyone remember a time?

When all you really needed was time tested been through the wars still exists even onto the time of the end!!!!!


It is the stuff that your parents used to keep you & me safe!

Even though we were not sure what they were talking about!

It did keep us safe in the long run!

We met and talked to people.

We always used and were even then we were mindful how to speak to people.

We were respectful of others and they the same to us as well.

The best example of this!

Is the book “Lost Horizon” by James Hilton.

In the prologue and CHS. 1 & 2!

Prove how we were when we spoke about people we either heard of!

Or knew of!


Has political correctness benefited us in a positive way?


It has restricted us in expressing what we think, feel, believe, know about people, places, things!

People have claimed they or their children do not want to be “Injured” from the name of “GOD” in the pledge of allegiance to the flag?



Religion always has! Always will!

Be a personal thing with people 4ever+2 days!!!!!

If we are wrong about anything/everything!

We can apologize for what we say!


But! If we are right about something!

In the past!

We yield to those who are right because we know that they are right.

It’s called “RESPECTING” one’s thoughts/comments!

Even we have lost that along the way!


Misleading people!

Has got to be one of the many things that has brought us to where we are today!


Should we say “TY!” to political correctness?

Not me!!!



With CVS no longer selling tobacco products.

It’s the shape of things to come!

It’s only a matter of time when we will see even more retailers no longer selling it as well.

Is this a social Consciousness movement we now have between us?


Some thoughts what we shall see.

We already see some people pick through the public ashtrays just to find a butt that is just long enough to smoke even if it means getting someone else’s germs form whom they do not know!

Are they sacrificing health?

For the sake of cost?

Which is the lesser of the two evils?

All for the sake of trying to keep from spending for another pack/carton of cigarettes!

Even more! People bumming cig’s of another fellow smoker.

And what if they refuse to help an another smoker out by giving s/he one?

All I can say is this!

I will not even begin to draw a picture of what can happen.

However! Think about the gas shortage of the 70’s!

And you have an idea what can if not will happen!


We already have the one retailer no longer selling tobacco products!

It is only a matter of time before we see the rest of them follow along and see “true effects of tobacco has on humans!”


What will tobacco companies do for profit when their sellers dry up?

Have people hand out cigarette samples to people who need/want them but! At what price will they charge?

A black mkt. For tobacco products?

Do not laugh!!!

Where the open mkt. Will not!

The black mkt. Can and will!

But! At what price is the tobacco users willing to pay for their enjoyment?


I have often wondered?

Since businesses have their employees smoking outside!

Is it really a “”God given right to smoke?”

Is it a “God given right to freeze & sweat your “You knows off” Just to continue smoking?

From all that we have seen and heard and know and from our loved one’s dying from all kinds/types of diseases from tobacco use.


To those of you!

Remember when you began?

That first cigarette?

What were your environments like that made you take that first drag?

Peer pressure?

They are doing it!

I might as well just for the sake of fitting in!


Do I hear stories about Doctors telling their patients, “You want to calm your nerves?”

“Take up smoking!”

Both! Can and are addictive in their own right!

There is a difference between smoking to calm your nerves!

And taking MEDs to calm your nerves!

One prolongs the problem!

The other creates another problem!

When it comes to smoking!

Is it “Mind over matter?”

Or “Matter over the mind?”




When I was 12 years old!

My dad brought home an AM-FM-SW 1-SW 2 radio.

When he let me listen to it.

That was it!

I was hooked!

When I heard all those sounds Morse code, muffled voices (later on I found out it is ham operators talking), BBC, DW, RSA (radio south Africa), radio Netherland, HCJB, RCI, many more.

Listening to those stations.

Helped me to get an even better understanding of what life is like over there.

For someone such as me!

Even though I was and still am an old time rock-n-roller!

This new medium of short wave brought me closer to my world without even knowing it.

The sounds on each and every station!

The whizz’s, beeping, in the background.

The so-called “pirate stations” that can only be heard on our side in the dead of night.

Until later in my later years that from listening to them on the Internet.

I did not know what an impact radio made on me.

There was news.not so much sports (other than the BBC World Service airing soccer on Saturdays).

News reports for all over the world and programs about how things are in that country.

Most important! To me I was shocked!

At how the people over there talked even in English!

It was the same words we use here in the USA!

But! It was how they were used in describing things and events of the world.

What we would say hosts!

The people on the other side would call “Presenters”!

We here in Cleveland, Ohio USA would call the “rapid Transit”!

Other countries would call it “The Tube”, rail(way).

In later years!

I bought a Panasonic eight band radio with SSB (single side band This is used when you want to hear what is being said when you hear those muffled voices).

As I listened!


I listened to Air Force One (I heard then Pres. Jimmy Carter talking but he was smart not to talk about anything that was important!), Then the men that went looking for the Titanic.

The transmission among the ship and shore.

Was interesting as the person on shore kind of in a way!

Asked if they could bring up some bottles of wine that was in the ship?

He was told that they did not want to disturb whatever was down there for reasons I am sure you can guess why!

But! A short time later!

Some scavengers went looking for it and brought up items that were seen on a TV special in hopes of finding someone who is related to the ones that were aboard the ship.

All I can say is: “What a waste of both time & effort”! As I recall only a few called in but that was it.

I heard some reports about the Jim Jones massacre.

And the pope who got shot.

The thing about SW/DX’ing!

Is that the reporting of the news was more reporting the way it happened!

Not hype it as the media does here in the USA.

In fact! So many years ago!

There was a survey that asked DX’er’s who had the best news reports?

It was a tie!

Between the BBC and Radio Canada International (RCI) the CBC’s International service.

The music, the languages, the news, the sports.

How could one not fall in love with DX’ing?

Unfortunately! I hear that those SW stations!

Have gone onto the Internet.

There! We cannot QSL!

So what are we left?

I think we all would like to see the world!

But to those of us who cannot travel the world.

It leaves a very deep dark hole in our lives.

I know!

It’s not the same!

But it is still a hobby/interest!

The TV, AM, FM, MW (medium wave) to which we do not MW  have here in the USA!

Is it fun?

Not as much as SW!

But the interest is still there.

Still finding stations from out of town?

And how many are out there anytime?

The interest is still there!

But! The thrill is gone!!!!!!!

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