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7 Ways You May Be Wasting Money-Kiplinger

7 Ways You May Be Wasting Money-Kiplinger.


BBC – Capital – The slippery slope of getting away with small stuff

BBC – Capital – The slippery slope of getting away with small stuff.

I worked at a Company where there was a time. When the Company did have ethics. But as years went by! So did the ethics. That! When I worked there. The Company bought the union out! So they could have the freedom in whom goes! And Who stays!


At the same time! Their own blue collar employees were helping themselves to the companies equipment by getting up way early and getting to work and helping themselves to anything they wanted! The one’s who had keys to the place was no better. But! No one was the wiser either.


I worked at another Company where at one time! We were so busy. The Company hired anyone who was a warm body! At one point! One of the Newbie learned how to put hangers on the yearly calendars. Now! These calendars were not to be issued to the employees until the clients calendars were sent to 75 percent of the country. But this newbie waited until the evening when he came back and made calendars for him to sell downtown for half price whiles we were making them.


The long & short of it!


Even if you think your employer may/may not have cameras that you can see! They can still track down if they so desire. Who was where, when. Let’s just hope that the cams are not in focus or at least not working.,

BBC – Capital – The $26,000 treat: When common food meets haute cuisine

BBC – Capital – The $26,000 treat: When common food meets haute cuisine.

I think that we all would like to try the “High Life” and lifestyle at least once if noting else. We just don’t want to spend like we are.

BBC News – Who, What, Why: How do you get your face on the dollar?

BBC News – Who, What, Why: How do you get your face on the dollar?.





As you can see! There is money to be made from fracking. But! At what cost? When I first heard about it. I did not like it! Chemicals in the water to extract the natural gas? When the gas is extracted. Where does the rests of the chemicals go? It has to go somewhere?

For companies! It’s an easy way to get at the natural gas. For us not so. Fracking is being blamed for contaminating water supplies, even earthquakes. All for profit.

What happens if companies extracted all the chemicals from the earth? Then what?

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