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Little League Sensation Mo’ne Davis Benched After Giving Up 3 Runs | TIME

Little League Sensation Mo’ne Davis Benched After Giving Up 3 Runs | TIME.


Robin Williams’ Life in Pictures | TIME

Robin Williams’ Life in Pictures | TIME.


It started out as a normal summer vacation. But little did I Know that I would be spending it in macadamia ranch (Euphemism for nut house!).

I was off my meds for over three months, and I did not feel the affects of it until one day! My sweetie got into it. This is something I did not want to do but I had warned her about the antagonizing, arguments, yelling, so on for over 36 years to quit it but! She did not.

To make a long story short! Ended up in the hospitals intake unit. During that time I have seen em come and go. From Friday afternoon to about Saturday afternoon I have seen one who was taking food off others trays and eating it. This guy had an excellent opp. To just walk out when he had the chance! But did not he? NO! He mouthed off at the two security guards and found himself on a gurney strapped in padded leathers most of the night., He got up the next day and wanted to use the phone. Someone was on it and he did this movement with his arms back and forth back and forth like he was the BIG man! Like her could kick the young kids ass who was using the phone. Another one! Was the young girl who had a psychical fight with her bf. And he had her sent via the police to where I was at. There were others but they went out, as fast as they came in.

When I went to the “Quiet unit! The people there were wonderful But the more I was there the more some of them became noisy.

Please! Define the word: “Quiet?” Because what I had seen were patients who were yelling at the nurses trying to get their attention because they did not have anyone come to visit them To just plain “Motor mouths” people who just could not shut up!

The women! Were mostly quiet there were some who helped themselves to others snax while not looking. You got three squares a day and snax later.There were art classes to kill time, we were limited in what we could drink mostly water nothing else. One TV usually room, no TV in our rooms/radio that some were PO’d about what they wanted to watch on the TV. I just kept my mouth shut and hope to rack up those quiet patient points!

There was one patient! That kept handing out magazine ads to us. I think it was because he was one of two who did not get any visitors. And this was his way of perhaps making a connection with others that were there.

The Nurses were excellent! The quality of care was great. The Doctor I had was “WOW!” He was very tuned in to my problem. And Psychiatrist was good. But they relied on then nurses observations of the patients for the evaluations. Which In turn their visits with the patients were less than two minutes.

The food was really good. Just the right number of seasonings. They did serve Ginger Ale at snax time, coffee, pudding, applesauce, graham crackers.

During the whole time I was there! The first few days were dead silence! You could not hear anything but yourself thinking about: “How long am I am going to be here?” In the long & short of it! Those quiet patient points did paid off very well!

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