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It does not have to be “BIG”!


It can be whatever you want it to be!

Of course the younger you are.

The easier it is to plan for it.


To yourself! define what accomplishment is?

Not the normal “Deadlines to meet”.

Or “Have to be there life/lifestyle.


To give you an idea as to what I mean!

My list of accomplishments are!!!!

Becoming a J.O.P., Notary public, take a cruise, living life on my terms and not someone else’s, to always! Put thought into what I think, say, do, being blessing (YES! You heard right!) in someone’s life or day, always learn something new, different!


They can also be objectives, mini goals that lead to the main goal!

In order for all these things to be met!

We need to ignore what all those doomsayers & naysayers tell us.

These are the dream stealers who do not have a goal in their own life because they were not told nor taught about making one’s life fulfilled!


Perhaps! they do not come to realize it!

Until they are in their old age or too late!


Do we have to wait for our accomplishments to arrive in our lives?



Ever since I was about 13 nyrs. old!

My (Next to my 1st. love Margo!) my 1st. love!

Was and still is writing!


What attracts me to writing!

Is being able to create people, places, things with words!


Both! At the positive & negative ends of the spectrum.

Words are very powerful when & how they are used.

Their use is in!

Compliments, praises, descriptions of things, moods and then some!

But! also they can bued to hurt people as well.


It is unfortunate! That we do use the wrong words at just the wrong time as well.

This is where it has been said: “Words can hurt like a fist!”

Why is that?

Because we always want to get the “Upper hand” in any argument we encounter.

Without even thinking 2 X’s about it!


I think that the 1st. book I got my hands on!

Was the paperback book called “THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.” book no.7.

In later years!

There was: The generous years by Chet Huntley, Love story by E. segal, Goodbye Mr. Chips, by James Hilton who also wrote Lost horizon, QB VII by Leon Uris, Future shock by Alvin toffler, The Perry Mason series by Erle Stanley Gardner!


If you think these men and their writing abilities did nothing for us the reader?

Read these books!

Or! Check out the romance & teen novels!


Sorry to say! That even what is classic literature!

Is being done away with by so-called “Banning our books” as not to hurt/offend anyone!

How so????

These are no more! No less!


From the classics to modern literature!

They create images, thoughts, of perhaps another life & time, day & age!


There is a “Silent Coup” of our minds being taken over!





With all the controversy about sports teams and their names!

And the hurtful/harmful affects it supposedly has on them!


Is it time to learn English?

Or! ESL?


What ,perplexes me!

Is that this and many other words!

Are just that….Words!

No more!  No less!


Granted! There are some words that can hurt like a fist!

But! Those are to be concerned with as they come.


When sports teams were being formed!

And give n their names!

Where were these people when they were created?

“Nowhere to be found!”


Now! Here we are!


And! All a sudden here comes these people crying like banshees about Chief Wahoo of the Cleveland Indians (Of Cleveland, Ohio USA) & the name of the Washington Redskins (Of Washington D. C. USA).


I know being from Cleveland, myself!

About the controversy about Chief Wahoo!

This one has been simmering on since the late 60’s!

Now! Because this “Political Correctness” (If anyone knows the definition of both these words! Than you do know what you are doing wrong!) they want us to change any & all things we all have come to know & love in our lives.


Let’s clear something up!

First off!

If these people ever took the time and truly think about where is the harm and foul about the use of these words?



The only REAL possibility here is that!

If these words were used in an insulting way/manner.

THEN! They maybe on to something!

But! Meanwhile!

Where is the problem?


What! Is really going on?

A lot of rattle and humming and if that does not draw attention!

Then! They get out the sabers and rattle the crap out of them!

Guess what?

It still has the same effects!


Why? Because! They are just WORDS!




Radio has become such a major part of our lives.

It does entertain us!

And! Influence us!


We cannot live with it!

Or without it!


To some of us!

We do remember a time when radio was fun to listen to.

Those contests, prizes, money, the listener guessing, keeping track of the amount of money in the jackpot.

The D. J.’s (presenters), the music, the talk, and YES!!! Even the signal strength of the radio station, on some stations!

That echo sound that sounded like they were doing their show from the radio stations restroom or a barrel.


Let’s think about some of the games, contests that we either played or listened to!

Here in Cleveland, Ohio USA!

We had the three radio stations that played rock-n-roll!

Those were the one’s played games and contests.


Most of them!

Played the cash call jackpot game.

And at times!

Played high/low game.

I think the most frustrating game of all was high/low game!

No one really kept track of the amount.

Few people caught on to the game and some did not.


But the really interesting games were played at one radio station.

WIXY ,AM 1260!

The most creative games anywhere!

There was in the kitchen with Johnny/

It consists of giving out ingredients of a recipe one item at a time.

And the listener had to guess what the recipe was and when they did!

The prize was $100.00 worth of groceries from A & P supermarket!

Keep in mind!

This was in the mid to late 60’s!

And prices then vs. today!!!

Pennies on the dollar!


Then there was Johnny, Johnny what is in the box!

And there!

The listener had to guess what was in the box!


As you can see!

The music, D. J.’s (presenters), contests, games made radio fun to listen to.


Then! Doomsday arrived!

The fun was gone!

It was replaced by talk radio.

This! Is where I think we get to be divided!

Does talk radio hurt or help us to understand what is going on in our world?

The concept is easy to understand!

The presenter let’s the listeners say what is on their mind.

While the presenter just gives a natural comment about it!

It keeps the network, local station, presenter from getting into too much trouble!

There was a time!

When there was not such a big deal about what the presenter said because s/he was part of the conversation as well.

Then!!!! The bombardment of commercials!

All because the stations (both TV & radio) were not making enough money at that time!

And if that is not the case?

Then why is there five mins. of them?


How does that line in that song go?

“It’s the end of the world as we know it!”

And I do not feel fine!!!!!!!


I cannot help think about the Sunday newspaper.

Depending on where you live.

It’s the “Only” form of exercise we do!

The Sunday paper and it’s many sections of op-ed, sports, news, ,features, TV schedule, wknd. magazine so on.

But! Most importantly! The coupon section!

Another exercise we do with our hands.,

How women would clip their hearts out for coupons for the coming week.

Always saving money here, there everywhere!


But! Since the newspaper is slowly dying!

I thought!

What would our life be without it?

Some cities either are planing or already cutting back on how many times a week should they publish it?


During the week!

We probably might not miss it.

But!!!!!! That all important Sunday paper!!!!!!!!!

Even though with all this High-tech that is among us!

We do have e-coupons!

But! It’s the special thing we have for something that we can hold in our hands and say: “This is my Sunday paper!”

It’s that something that we can call our very own!

Would we miss our Sunday paper?

More than likely yes!!!


Because it’s the one publication that changes daily vs. weekly,bi-weekly, monthly!


Besides! Our handheld devices!

Can we flip through our pc as we do when we flip though our Sunday paper?


From being born in another life & time!

I think that I cannot live in such a life and time as this!


Because! In my time!

I was brought up to depend on myself for this & that.

We did use a datebook, watch, appointment desk calendar, roll-a-desk index cards, secretaries (If we were lucky to afford one!), as well as a wall calendar and desk calendar, tape recorder to remind ourselves about things.

We did not have all these things in our time.

Nor did we have PDA, PALM, IPAD, CELL PHONE, IPHONE, SMARTPHONE, PERSONAL PC, KINDLE, NOOK (In general e-readers), And the like(s).

How did we get along without them?

Face it….We did!!!!


It just seems to me that!

What if we lost one of our electronic devices?

Could we cope without it?

Not any more than we did when we could only wear our wristwatch and something did happen to it!

Where would we be?

“Up a lazy river without a you know what!”


Our AM transistor radio in our pocket!

In later years! the pocket radio grew up!

And went from our pocket to our shoulder.

Then! recoiled back into our pockets again in the form of “Walkman”.

But! That’s another post!


In both the long & short term!

What do these things do to us?

Seems to me that!

It makes our minds/lives that much more dependent on them.


Could this be!!!!

Our new addiction?



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