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When I was growing up! My mom would make hot dogs almost on Saturdays! And I loved them and still do but! When the bun does not open to place the hot dog without it separating. There! Is the problem! When the hot dog bun separates and then it becomes almost like its sister the hamburger bun. That takes the fun away for me.

When it comes to condiments! I have learned to in a way compensate. I open the hot dog bun just enough for me to squeeze the catsup on one side & mustard on the other and close the bun Then open it! No mess. But! That leaves the other messy condiments to contend with.

The point I am making here! Is if the baking co.’s are to make hot dog buns to be hot dog buns. Why not without separating?

Its one thing! To be eating a hamburger and all the trimmings fall out! But a hot dog bun?

In the early 60’s! There was a baking co that promoted their hamburger buns as: “The fun!” ,”Is in the bun!” My question is! Where is the fun? When the condiments are all on you?

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