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If I Were an Advertiser Today?

I would make each ad be as close to fact as possible! Given the fact that there are people who really, truly believe in what they see and hear on TV and radio. If some of you remember there was a time when the cigarette companies were faced with counterattack against facts that were made about the dangers of cigarette smoking. It must have worked!

I maybe the lone wolf here! But I do believe that when it comes to a product or service. Be honest about it. We all want the best quality product that is out there. Even the manufacturers, advertisers, not so much the retailers they are more for what creates a fast turnaround in the way of money for them. The latter we can leave to the side for now.

There are people who use the TV to learn about anything and I do mean anything! Even TV commercials! Here’s what I mean! There was a Company that came out with insect spray. This is also the same Company who came out with the “No Pest” Strip. When the spray came out! And you had some flies to get rid of. You could spray them. And they would drop right where you sprayed them. But! A few minutes later! What you thought you killed with the sprayer! They were back to flying around again.

Am I the only one who believes in truth in advertising? The conclusion to it all is!

If you’re going to create a product or service! Always make sure it is you yourself would buy and use.

Because! It’s been said: “What starts out cheap!” “Ends up being expensive!”


Stop Glorifying Football Players and Start Glorifying Soldiers | TIME

Stop Glorifying Football Players and Start Glorifying Soldiers | TIME.

Who do we value?

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