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When I was growing up! My mom would make hot dogs almost on Saturdays! And I loved them and still do but! When the bun does not open to place the hot dog without it separating. There! Is the problem! When the hot dog bun separates and then it becomes almost like its sister the hamburger bun. That takes the fun away for me.

When it comes to condiments! I have learned to in a way compensate. I open the hot dog bun just enough for me to squeeze the catsup on one side & mustard on the other and close the bun Then open it! No mess. But! That leaves the other messy condiments to contend with.

The point I am making here! Is if the baking co.’s are to make hot dog buns to be hot dog buns. Why not without separating?

Its one thing! To be eating a hamburger and all the trimmings fall out! But a hot dog bun?

In the early 60’s! There was a baking co that promoted their hamburger buns as: “The fun!” ,”Is in the bun!” My question is! Where is the fun? When the condiments are all on you?


LeSean McCoy left a 20 cent tip on a $61.56 tab at Philly burger joint | FOX Sports

LeSean McCoy left a 20 cent tip on a $61.56 tab at Philly burger joint | FOX Sports.

This! Is nothing uncommon! We do have not only sports stars, movie stars, TV personalities and the like! I my self! Have come to know a millionaire family! That is so stingy with the bucks. The son will come over his mom’s house! And try to “Lift” his mom’s newspaper and take it to work with him.


More than likely! He may have thought that: “You should be honored that my friends and I even came here!” And because the server missed an item. He leaves a .20 tip? Who in this world! Has not in their lifetime. Forgotten something either for themselves? Or for someone else?


Perfection not attainable in anyone’s lifetime! It is something to go for! But no one will ever be perfect. Sorry! You know who you are!

BBC – Capital – The $26,000 treat: When common food meets haute cuisine

BBC – Capital – The $26,000 treat: When common food meets haute cuisine.

I think that we all would like to try the “High Life” and lifestyle at least once if noting else. We just don’t want to spend like we are.


This $15.00 a hr. Wage increase really a cure?

NO! Because these are people who are, more or less casualties of “The Great Recession”. And they have been so used to things being this one way for so long! That this one thing is the only way they truly know.

Ever since the 1980’s! We as a ,nation. Have been going through a changeover which includes job/careers! ,And Yes! That includes those who only know one thing and one thing only!

There are way too many success stories about out those who have been “Down & out” ,to successful from that. For that not to be true.

Unfortunately! The unions are still behind the times. As for unions and management is concerned! If you do not have an excellent relationship with one another! Well! There are too many stories where the unions and its members lost as well as management.

And management is not without blame either! Because of profit over employee concern. They are in this blend as well.

I myself! Was one where even in the economic change over from manufacturing to a business & service economy. Was laid off because it. I was not out of a job no more than six months then I found another job.  My only concern was just getting a job then figure the rest out later.

During that time! I mailed out resume’s and responded to classified ads. And even did temp work! And Yes! I too worked at McD’s two times and too advantage of this one franchisees ESOP! And while I was there. I found another job and went to work there as well as worked at McD’s again as well on weekends.

I have said here before! That even if the fast food Industry did cave in! Even our combo meal would be higher than we would be willing to pay.

But! Why? Only go for one area of business!

When you have the whole Industry to go after?

Am I the only one getting this?

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