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G.O.P. Presidential Hopefuls Look to Build International Credentials –

G.O.P. Presidential Hopefuls Look to Build International Credentials –

LTD.Time in Congress! No time in Gov’t.!

And they want to if not thinking about running for President???????



We have all gone through the same thing! Go to school, get good grades, I hope go onto college, get a job, married raise a family, and wait for the grim reaper to come.

In no way! Do we ever ask ourselves: “Is it worth it?” Because of the way our parents were raised and generations before them to the same did. We never ask because we were taught not to ask just do. But! Then a funny thing does happen. In later years we then ask ourselves: “Was it really worth it (all)?” Then the response is always “would have, could have, should have! But did not! There are people who have the visions while the rest of us wear bifocals that were given to us by….you know! The past always speaks louder than the present and the future always will remain silent.

When we reach high school! We do have the opportunity to plan carefully our life to be what we want it to be. The only thing is! We are looking for someone to direct us to where to go & what to do when we get there? ,In the Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes It says what we do between birth & death is filler but it is what we do with that filler is what makes our lives that much richer and fulfilled. Do we ever think about whatever it is that we are doing at the times ask ourselves “Is it worth it?” NO! all we care to know is that since we are making a good to decent wage with good benefits and retirement plan that! Is all we care to know! THIS IS OUR “HAPPY” LIFE!

It is a sad conclusion that! “We are what we think!” Picture yourself in two situations. 1. think of yourself as a boat/ship out in the sea! No motor/engine(s), paddles! Just “THERE” this is how our lives are. 2. Think of yourself as a stock! Think about you! And think to yourself “Would I want to invest in me?” And would I want others to do so? Nobody buys/invests in anything that they themselves do think that it is worth the time, effort, money. OR! Do you?,

With what we do know about the things that are illegal and immoral! And the short term that comes with it. Ask yourself “Is it worth it?”


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