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See Bruce Springsteen’s Career in Photos | TIME.


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Robin Williams’ Life in Pictures | TIME.


For most my life! I have been going solo. Because I have found that the one’s that I thought were friends! Were not. And that left me all by myself. At first I did not like it but then! It was not so bad from then on. ,I found that I could do whatever I wanted and loved it! Did things as I want, enjoy my freedom so much more.,

Not everyone! Is cut out to be like me. And I understand it. But when you find out like I did. Well for me having friends is all well and good. When you are on your own. It becomes a new freedom for you. I did not anyone to answer to. And then some.

Given the laws the way they are these days! There is still freedom in the world. But due to those who think otherwise! They are the one’s who make it tough on the rest of us.,

In all! Freedom abounds! While we stay within the laws itself.

There are benefits to flying solo! Is you have more time to devote to you. Where you want to be, what you want to be, a better life/lifestyle, picking & choosing who you want in your life. Personal accomplishments, many more.

Someone may have said that: “The more the merrier!” in a way yes/no! Running solo is somewhat like being a minimalist! You can have as many friends as you want! But! Do you need to have so many friends telling you “You cannot do this!” “You cannot do that!” in your life? Of course not.

It is you who has to live with yourself not them.


Some of you may remember! I posted an article about it.

Guess what? Here it comes again!

The thing to keep in mind is the income Vs. Outcome. This cannot be overdone.

1. Always keep track of your money! It’s yours! Why not?

2. Be responsible where it comes from! And where it goes. That means keep track of each cent & dollar you spend. There is a reason for this.

If you kept a record of where it came from and where it is going! You will find that over time. Money you did not even think you had before. This does not mean being stingy, cheapskate, tightwad whatever!

3. Work the coupons to your advantage. Example: When there is a sale! And you know it is as sale. Always use the paper, e-coupons and you savings card the grocery store has for it’s customers as well. Be aware of displays that may look like a sale but! It’s a price increase.

4. Cut the cable/satellite! Americans are now cutting the cable/ satellite because of rate increases/service. And! Why still have it! When you can go on the Internet and watch it at little to no cost?

5. Cut the landline! 67% of Americans a doing just that. Because it’s cheaper to use your cell phone that a landline.

6. Investing! A bad word if ever? There people who still believe that it’s better to either play the lottery/gamble it away. But! Think of it this way! With what the banks are paying people who leave their money in the bank. And with what banks are charging for interest. You could make four times that much if you invested in the market. YES! You do have to know what you are doing when it comes to investing. So is playing the lottery/gambling!


8. Brown bag it for a while!

9. Rent, subscribe, take-out movies! The take-out is from the library.

10. ISP’S! There are many ISP’S in cyberspace. One where you can connect to it via your toilet! I have one where it uses cell phone frequencies to connect to the Internet for $50.00 mo..

11. Consider: “Minimalists” Now! This is something that everyone should think about. ,I’m a minimalist! It’s something that I did not know exist until I realized I am. Even though I do love my food, drink, wearing what I want to wear, living on my terms and such. Being a minimalist. Affords me the time I would otherwise spend on trying to figure out who gets paid first? Me? Or them?

12. Retirement! I have met people who think that “When I am fully vested I can retire and spend time with the grandkids!” Once they do. They start to find that! That Company retirement pension. Gets depleted rapidly! And they find themselves trying to find work and continue until the legal age to retire.

Planning! Is everything!

The sooner you find a job! That is when clearly should thin about setting up a retirement account. Even during the President Carter Administration! Social security was not as stable as we thought it was. Even onto today.

13. The reason I put this Is because as it has been said: “Money is the root of all evil”. We have heard the stories about people who won the lottery and stuff! And those who went through it like water. As you will see it is not the only game in town.


15. Consider A part time job! Now! The thing here is that. Once you start one! It can and does become addictive. Because you can get used to it and when you do decide to leave it! It’s very hard to go back to an one income. I suggest this only because if you have some things you would like to get rid of. Then this is a good way to go.

16. If you are those who were laid off because of the “Great Recession” and working at a fast food place! Let’s say that you have a marketable skill. Why not think about “Freelancing”. It means that you take what you know and make a buck out of it. When you start out you may have to make you are asking price a little lower than what the market is asking. Once you establish yourself! Slowly increase your price to what the market is.

17. Funding for school! This may seem like the “Death Sentence” for some! But! The times are changing. There is no rewind, way back machines! As I understand it! Most Federal, state funding. Asks for the person who is out of work that if they want to retool of learn another line of work. Is to find something that takes two years or less to learn. It does take time to find these things out! It will not drop out of the sky for you!

18. If you need help in paying your utilities! Look into Federal, State agencies for help. Also! These cell phone carriers do offer Government subsidized phone service. Be careful! There are cell phone companies that do offer a free used cell phone! But! They will try to ask you to pay for additional minutes as well. DON’T! Its a ploy! , You do have to meet Federal poverty guidelines to get any kind/type of help/funding.

19. When it comes to eligibility ! The Federal Government has some sort of eligibility form. Do not do it! Go to the agency and apply for it there.

20. RECYCLE! I have seen people who think “You can make a lot of money recycling!” Yes! And No! Recycling does have many benefits. But! Think of the time you would need to make a lot of money recycling? Vs. Cashing in? The money you can make from recycling can go for something later on. Not the here & now! The pennies do add up!


This! Is something no one ever even thought of to be! Because! We were not taught to do/be.

It’s not fitting in, belonging, being/looking “Cool”, carbon copying someone else to be like someone else. Because when you compromise yourself! You lose yourself and become in reality! Fair game to anyone/everyone’s follower when there is no one to follow. Being yourself does not mean you become a loner all your life. In the long & short of it! It does attract people who want to know someone who is themselves and want to get to know them with the possibility of being friends with that person.

A great example is from Joyce Mayer, here is the article link:, .

During the beatnik generation! It was cool to be cool by choice not by standards set by society/ be yourself you have to be yourself! Accept you for whom you are. If others cannot? You are not missing anything from the person(s). You have to be able to live for you. Yes! You will make mistakes but that comes with the world we live in. How else are you going to learn what works? And what does not?

,In order to even learn Philosophy 101! The one prerequisite to learn it! ,Is to be your own person! If you cannot be your own person! Then you cannot learn “Philosophy” .


The way to your own person is. You have to be willing to take some risks in being yourself. It is hard when you have been trying to fit in for so many years.

You have to think for yourself, do for yourself, believe in yourself, know what you know because you know what you know. Do not listen to those who will tell you that you cannot do this/that. You will always encounter naysayers, deterrents. Losers! Love losers! They want someone to drown with them in their own pity. Feeling they cannot make it in this world so they think that they have to stay in their station in life. They want to! But! At the same time! Either do not or are not willing to make something out of themselves or their situation at all.

Hang around these people and they will drown you quicker than a bad alternator drains a car battery! Losers are followers! You have to find people who are positive and stick with them and you to have to do your job to them up as well.

You have to think for yourself as well. Through education and always keep up with the fast paced information. And not let others do you’re thinking for you. This! Is where a lot of people let happen to them. We let others do our thinking for us. And what happens? We end up being no better then they are!

We have dreams, objectives, plans, goals desires in our lives. But! Something happened along the way. When we got our first job! We ended up settling in! And there we stayed. As time went on. We lost our desires, needs, ,wants, in our life. When we see/hear about other that we either know or heard about We get jealous, envious about them.

And what do we do? We end up living the rest of our lives in the land of: “Would have!” “Could have!” “Should have!” But! Did not!
In our life and time! We become petrified by “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!” We have to be mega careful in what we think, say, do to others. I have told people that the real definition of it is not what you or others think it is. I get looks of just short of being called a “Smart ass” No problem there!!!!

Not the first! Not the last!

Breaking away just enough from the mainstream and mindlessness! Is like quitting tobacco. Hard to stop and go in another direction. But! It can be done. The real question is: “Do you want to do it?” You may lose friends but you can also gain friends. These will be the one’s who you just might happen to like!


We have all gone through the same thing! Go to school, get good grades, I hope go onto college, get a job, married raise a family, and wait for the grim reaper to come.

In no way! Do we ever ask ourselves: “Is it worth it?” Because of the way our parents were raised and generations before them to the same did. We never ask because we were taught not to ask just do. But! Then a funny thing does happen. In later years we then ask ourselves: “Was it really worth it (all)?” Then the response is always “would have, could have, should have! But did not! There are people who have the visions while the rest of us wear bifocals that were given to us by….you know! The past always speaks louder than the present and the future always will remain silent.

When we reach high school! We do have the opportunity to plan carefully our life to be what we want it to be. The only thing is! We are looking for someone to direct us to where to go & what to do when we get there? ,In the Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes It says what we do between birth & death is filler but it is what we do with that filler is what makes our lives that much richer and fulfilled. Do we ever think about whatever it is that we are doing at the times ask ourselves “Is it worth it?” NO! all we care to know is that since we are making a good to decent wage with good benefits and retirement plan that! Is all we care to know! THIS IS OUR “HAPPY” LIFE!

It is a sad conclusion that! “We are what we think!” Picture yourself in two situations. 1. think of yourself as a boat/ship out in the sea! No motor/engine(s), paddles! Just “THERE” this is how our lives are. 2. Think of yourself as a stock! Think about you! And think to yourself “Would I want to invest in me?” And would I want others to do so? Nobody buys/invests in anything that they themselves do think that it is worth the time, effort, money. OR! Do you?,

With what we do know about the things that are illegal and immoral! And the short term that comes with it. Ask yourself “Is it worth it?”


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