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Hitting Your Kids is Legal in All 50 States

Hitting Your Kids is Legal in All 50 States.

Remember the days! When we did something wrong? And we know we did? And got punished for it?

In today’s society and world! The means and method of how to that come into play. For some of us, it was dads belt, paddle (As in school), And yes with some parents the switch. But! Those parents knew when to put the breaks on it! FDR said it best: “The United States Constitution has proved itself the most marvelously elastic compilation of rules of government ever written.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

And yes! Even our current laws are that way! If you really read the article! Even the 50 states themselves. Are not sure. But something has to be done.
For some kids! When they were growing up! Perhaps their parents did not tell why they got hit by whatever means they deemed necessary. Was it “The punishment fit the crime?” Only the parents now.
It also could be because! When their parents were goring up! Whatever they got. Their kids got when they had them. Thus! The vicious cycle begins. But the problem of child abuse has been kept in hiding for so long. It was not until the 1980’s that it slowly came fourth and was being discussed.
Are our lawmakers really solving problems? Or dancing around them to make sure when election time comes. Their seat will remain warm for them?



Gun buyback programs to me! Are not a cure all! Nor an end to all also. Because people believe it or not. Do have opt’s. To those who do not have a gun. They can buy one and turn it in just to take advantage of what comes with it! Or! Turn theirs in for the same. How? Does that solve the problem? It’s the ever so cheapest band-aid there is!,

And even that very day of the buyback you will hear of some crime was committed with the use of a gun. In that very same city! Let’s say! That! There was on one day a city to city confiscation of any kinds and types of weapons. One problem with that! There is the “Black Market” Yes! The price may be high to buy a gun or any other weapon. But to weapon enthusiast/lovers it really does not matter at all!,

As well with “Gun control!” At any level of Government! Gun control laws can be drawn up from now to the time of the end! The problem will still be with us. Reducing the output of gun manufacturers. DOUBT! Because that would be Government interference. No business ever wants that! Put gun mfg’s. ,out of business? Again! DOUBT! That would put both us and Government and law enforcement in a bind!,

I guess we are back to square 1!

BBC – Capital – The truth about office romances

BBC – Capital – The truth about office romances.

I am sure we have all heard about those office romances. They are ever so easy to get in! But! Hard to get out of without everyone know.


This one Company I worked at. There was this one CSR, who hooked up with a guy who was in charge of the companies phone system. She got along with him so well! That he left his wife and family to be with her. He was able to slot her in a position to be number two in charge of ,the CSR’s. After she got the promotion! She dropped him! And went back to her boyfriend.


Office romances! Are a slippery slope as well. Because of the gossiping rumor mill. Come on! Admit it! We all love office gossip/rumors. ,It’s what makes the day goes by.


We are all looking for that someone even if it’s at work. But! It s the what is being said that can and does hurt anyone and yes! Even men as well as women. Or: “I will not tell anyone!” do not make it! Even if there is an agreement to only meet after work, that still does not make it ok. Again! The spillover into the workplace. Given too! Either the workplace rules or! State employment laws can affect you also.,

BBC – Capital – The slippery slope of getting away with small stuff

BBC – Capital – The slippery slope of getting away with small stuff.

I worked at a Company where there was a time. When the Company did have ethics. But as years went by! So did the ethics. That! When I worked there. The Company bought the union out! So they could have the freedom in whom goes! And Who stays!


At the same time! Their own blue collar employees were helping themselves to the companies equipment by getting up way early and getting to work and helping themselves to anything they wanted! The one’s who had keys to the place was no better. But! No one was the wiser either.


I worked at another Company where at one time! We were so busy. The Company hired anyone who was a warm body! At one point! One of the Newbie learned how to put hangers on the yearly calendars. Now! These calendars were not to be issued to the employees until the clients calendars were sent to 75 percent of the country. But this newbie waited until the evening when he came back and made calendars for him to sell downtown for half price whiles we were making them.


The long & short of it!


Even if you think your employer may/may not have cameras that you can see! They can still track down if they so desire. Who was where, when. Let’s just hope that the cams are not in focus or at least not working.,

Poverty and Income | Center for Immigration Studies

Poverty and Income | Center for Immigration Studies.

The Immigration issue is not going away anytime soon. Because it’s very hard one to decide as to who stays! And who goes?

I always have believed in the “Grandfather rule” But! Where can it be applied? You see what a problem we are in? More questions than answers!


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