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Where you lived! Was there a favorite place to eat?

Here in Cleveland, Ohio USA!
There were some mom & pop restaurant’s.
That we loved so much.
But the one place I do recall!
Was a local place called “Royal Castle”!
They made little burgers.
And I mean little round burgers.

I also remember there was a delicatessen that made burgers and shakes. This place had a chocolate peanuts they would put in their chocolate shakes “Loved It!”

There were deli’s and grills that served burgers, shakes, fires.
Who could ever forget servers on roller-skates?
As a little kid I could not understand it.
So used to eating indoors.

In our neighborhood! There was a five cent & $10.00 store that also made the popular drinks that teens loved and enjoyed playing pinball and jukebox “Beatles” mostly.
I loved! Seeing guy s play pinball and lift the table up! And the,“TILT” Sign comes up! The young guys I remember! Smoked like fishes!

There was a restaurant called Denny’s! I only seen the building!
But at the time was closed.

There was a restaurant called
The Red Barn”
It had burgers called,“The Big Barney!”
Similar to McD’S,“Big Mac”
Fried chicken were the two I really went for!
There was those joints where they made the burgers just right that somehow made taste special.

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