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Somebody Has to Say It!

In this world! I do find from time to time a nugget of something that either we may take for granted! Or there are times when a thought goes/runs through our minds about something that we somehow believe is true but! Just not that sure about it!

In comes me! Now! I am in no way! Boating/bragging about me at all. It’s just that I would have to say that because of the Internet! I can go places see and do things as well as look up stuff! But as I said. I know from talking to people most of my life. Where we both were not all that sure about it.

I thin that the comments, views, opinions I make! Do give people something to think about and be informed as well. And! Is not it what we all looking for? Information and in a way! An entertaining thought along the way? Another way of looking and seeing things from another fellow space traveler?

Like! When the Government shutdown! Whoever the congressman was that had the idea (As you can see! I am not all that into politics!) My first thought was: “Whoever it is thought that this might be a great way to get a foot in the door of the political system!”. As far as that goes! Small minds! You know the rest!

I do think that since one is fair in their thoughts, comments, views, opinions! And yes! Have done their research into whatever! We can take “Political Correctness” Out of commission aka deep six it!

Because all it is really truly doing to us! Is making us petrified of saying what we think feel, believe in anything. And this should not be. This is not how our parents were raised and their parents and so on. And beside! The last time it reared it’s ugly head (The phrase!)! Was in a comic strip!

The phrase itself! Has the wrong definition! The modern day definition of political correctness is: “Conform and comply with what “I” want you to say and do!” But! To these same people who want others to do and be and say what they want us to! If!!! And if! Someone pulled the same “Trick” on them! The response would be: “HOW DARE YOU!” You see what I mean?

And because it! It restricts us from asking, let along knowing what it is that we need to know. Many times! I have taken the first step in asking questions. Only to be laughed at or embarrassed because! “They” themselves would not dare to ask. Do you want that causes? Mistakes mess ups, screw ups, and the hits just keep on coming!!! We learned that! In grade school and our classmates and even our friends! When they tell us stuff like that! Are they really our friends?

Though! I do not put any stock into the Internet and any websites there are! I have always been one to read one or even more websites and books about something or someone.

For example! I am in the process of reading about FDR and Abe Lincoln. Over the years there have been many books about them. And what I do find interesting is. What one does not talk about! Some other Author will.

Another! The original Tylenol scare! At that time I did subscribe to both time and Newsweek. And I found that what time did not cover! Newsweek did and to the same in reverse as well.

The best quote I ever heard was from Tony Brown of PBS’S Tony Brown’s Journal. And at the end of his program. He would give “Words of thought”. My personal favorite briefly: “It’s always best to get more than one side of a story!”

Enough said!


See Bruce Springsteen’s Career in Photos | TIME

See Bruce Springsteen’s Career in Photos | TIME.


It was 1973!

My very first job at a printing plant in the shipping & receiving dept. It was not until about three months later It was a Saturday morning. My parents and I were at our favorite restaurant we went to in the mourning. And I decided since I did “Some” money on me (At that time I was making $65.52 a wk. after taxes! You don’t ever forget you how much money you made the at your first job!).Why not buy some cigars? At The time I did which cigars were the good stuff (The quality ones!). Or the cheapies (I learned fast about that one!).

I bought the ones with the plastic holders. Aromatic ones. Over time I got to a point that! I could not stand the aromatic ones., After I left work. And got home! I began smoking them. Then I went to the drugstore and bought another pack of cigars. Smoked them. And then another and then another then another so on!

In the afternoon! I took a nap. When I woke up! I had this nasty taste in my mouth. My mom looked at me and said: “You’ve been smoking!” She said with a smile on her face. She said: “I seen you buy the pack of cigars and I figured you are working, making money why not!”

All the kids in the neighborhood said: “You were smoking like a fish!”

It was at that point that I learned “Lighten up on the stogies!”

As time went on! I learned about cigars. Not to be a connoisseur of cigars! But which ones I did like and which ones I did not.

The ones that I did like were: A & C Grenadiers dark wrapper, Triplet flavored cigars the one I loved so much! Was the blueberry smell & flavor (Yes! I said flavor because when you picked up the pack! And smell the box you could smell the blueberry sent). They also had apple, cherry, natural as well.

As I got older! I shifted gears if you will. I went to smoking a tobacco pipe! Again I learned as I went along about the type and kinds of pipe tobacco there is.

Again! I tried aromatic blend it was all right but you know ( I found out that most people who were on the receiving end of smokers tobacco product(s), aromatic was the more accepted sent!). There was one that was good. A flavor called “French brandy”. Then I Became a lover of Borkum riff flavored tobacco products. They had cherry, rum, cognac, Champagne.

Now keep in mind! I am not! A real, true smoker in the fullest sense of the word.

I am on again! Off again smoker. Even for me! These e-cigarettes I am not “Head over heels about them”. For all anyone knows! This is a Alt. to get around the no smoking laws.

But as I have researched! Even the these have the nicotine as well.

There is a point in each & everyone’s life where we do have to consider our health Vs. fitting in because everyone else is doing it?


Over the Labor day wknd.
I lost a small amount of hair.
Now! I am 58 Yrs. old.
And I guess it must be time for fall (Loss of hair)!

I do consider myself lucky!
As compared to my dad when he was about 40 Yrs. old.
His hair was receding and it looked like (I kid you not!) A part of a man’s equipment!

Until Labor,day! I did have some,“Vacant lots” I could cover over.
But I am slowly coming to grips with the loss.

I never thought of it!
But! It is like the loss of a friend.

What I mean is.
All my years! My hair was No two in my life.
No.1! My freedom!

In my days.
If I could find a good barber!
My hair looked good.

Now! Passable!

Before then!
With my vacant lots.
I was able to cover one side by combing over the top strands of hair without having to what other guys did.
Keep moving the part over & over & over!

But when a stylist did my hair even if I did tell them about my vacant lots!
And that I wanted it exactly the way I have it now.
They would still screw it up!

And these are stylist’s?

G.O.P. Presidential Hopefuls Look to Build International Credentials –

G.O.P. Presidential Hopefuls Look to Build International Credentials –

LTD.Time in Congress! No time in Gov’t.!

And they want to if not thinking about running for President???????

How to Avoid Getting Hacked-Kiplinger

How to Avoid Getting Hacked-Kiplinger.

If you read No. 6!

Ask them if there is a way/alt. to verify?

If they say no.

Then either look somewhere else to do business with.

Or take your chances with them.

The question is!

Would you? should you?

It’s your identity!

Not theirs!

 Also! Here is a place where you can check the strength of your passwords:

When it comes to creating passwords!

Look at the keyboard.

Be creative! mix ’em up!!!!

There is a saying!

“Changing passwords is like flossing!” “We know we should…But most of us don’t!”

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