How to Be a Good Friend |

How to Be a Good Friend |

This is something that I can relate to. Both directly! And indirectly.


Because some these things did happen to me. And others I know of people who had it happen to them as well.


First off! Not all conversations are two-way! Sometimes between friends they can be one-way as well. What I mean is. If a friend has a problem with something. For all we know they just want someone to just listen to them. I know what you think: “What’s the catch?” Perhaps! They needed someone to bounce off the problem to. Sometimes be a sounding board for them.This is just a little bit of what being a friend is about.


Be happy for your friends success! This can be a tough one for some people. Because of the kind/type of friend s/he is.


An example. I had a so-called friend that over the years. He a nothing good to say about me not in any way! But as time went on. I was always happy for him. Then I learned something! I do not need people such as him who are only concerned about them and not others.,


I am happier now! Than I was when we were together.


But that! Is just an isolated incident!



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