10 Simple Rules For A Happy Life | Live Your Dreams, It’s Possible! | LivinggGOOD

10 Simple Rules For A Happy Life | Live Your Dreams, It’s Possible! | LivinggGOOD.


I am doing No. One Now!


And for people who do not like their job! It’s more than likely. They just do not want to go looking for another job. Or pursue something they would like to start a business. But! What they have to do to make a buck is what stops them dead in their tracks. For example! Sales! There is money to be made from it. But they do not want to hear ever that dreaded word “NO!” People have made their money in sales because they had a plan or a goal for themselves. And they did not let that word gets in their way!


Side note: When it comes to sales. Have a goal in mind. There is a reason for it! With a goal you have a direction of what it is that made you choose sales. Sales! Is taking what you already have! And make a buck out of it! AS for the word “NO”! Keep in mind! You may encounter people who may have had a bad day, time, doing whatever. Do not take it as the last word. Just come back a few days later and try again.


No. 6. Open your mind, heart, arms to new things and people. Not everyone is bad! As for our minds? We have to get past what is there before us to see what else is there.,


Let me take No. Seven a little farther! When you meet someone. Always! Like them first. And let them decide if they want to get to know you farther. If not. Move on there are others in the world.



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