There are those who just think that they do not have the time to read anything because of our hurry, hurry world that we live in. We would rather hear about then read it. How does that go? “A mind is a terrible thing to waste!”

If you check out the quotes by Earl Nightingale! He talks about just how great books truly are!

Books are our link too many different worlds beyond this one. It opens our minds, gets us to think about people, places, things. They give us views, perspectives, perceptions, spins, takes, on just about anything/everything there is to talk about. Books give us diversity! Freedom from our worlds even if for a moment in time. And transport us to another life and time day and age. To travel to parts of the world. To meet people.They help us take our mind off our problems as well we may not know it! But they do. They also increase our vocabulary! As well as help us to keep in touch with our current words (Although! There are some that you cannot prove it by us!).,

The interesting thing is! If you want to increase it? Read classic literature! Because! The words that were used back then! Are still around even unto today!,

If you looked at the Merriam-Webster dictionary & their unabridged dictionary! You will find that some of the words they used to carry. Are in the unabridged dictionary. That is because those words are not gone from our landscape. They are not used as much as they were. That still does not deter us from expanding our minds!,

If you think about it! It is sad that because of the “Political Correctness” ploy people use on others. That we cannot:”Say what we mean & mean what we say!”.

But that is for another post (“NOT!”).,

If you think about it! Books are the same as the local newspaper. It is “Our copy” of our book that we want to read! And even they are going by way of the dinosaur.




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  1. bibliopearl says :

    I agree with this. 😀


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