That depends! On the situation and the person. In business! Let’s say that a future/current client/customer says or does something you do not like. You can decline politely or show them the door. But! If we do! Then we are doing just that. It is a matter (even though they did the unthinkable/unspeakable!) of making a good impression on the customer/client so that in the future (if they do come to their senses!) will remember you and the professional impression you made on them despite what they said/did. The thing here is that when people do use social media to talk about what happened! This is where we in business make the grave mistake in airing/posting it. Because if your client sees it! You have some problems. How do you know! If your client has a social net account where you do? You do! not! There is more than one social net websites here! Do you really want this to come back and haunt/bite you? In places where you would not?

Do not! Concern yourself with “Political correctness”. Common sense has been around for centuries! It is still here! It’s what our parents used to help keep us safe., “Political correctness” is nothing more! Nothing less! Than a ploy that people use to get us to “Conform & Comply” to what they want you to do. Look it up!!!!!!,

Let me make this ever so very clear! I am not one to tell anyone! What to do! How to live life/speak! But! When we mistake plain English! For “Watered down” English! We lost the battle before it ever got started!

Because even in business and personal life! We are all looking for someone to meet & be with. This is the normal in life. It is all a matter of how one handles it.,

The same can be said in personal life. Granted! There are people as my dad would say: “I would not even hit a dog in the ass with!” But there are! Those we can burn our bridges on.,

When you post! You are letting anyone/everyone tell you what/how to live. Because! Once it’s out there! It’s out there! No “Take back!

“We all face battles in our everyday life!” “Its’ a matter of pick & choose which ones are worth fighting for!” -Joel Osteen

Either way! Online or in person! It does come down to a battle of words. Do we think before we speak? Or! Speak before we think? No matter what it is in what we say/do. Good/bad! Positive/negative. It does speak volumes about the quality and content of whom we are.


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