I swear! There should be a warning at least from the U.S. Surgeon general that social media is harmful to your health, mind, body, soul. If you miss use it! But! What are people really thinking when they use it? Is it their way of becoming the next cyberspace star by posting Who they’re? Where they are? What they are doing & with who? Even on mini-blogs! There have been “Micro wars” started all because something did not like what someone said with, to, for, about whatever!

I have found! That there are people who somehow cannot to this day! Even though they may/may not have a grade school diploma! Still fail to understand/comprehend simple, common sense English! And mistake it for something entirely different. If you were to suggest to someone via social media about what they said! They fly like vultures at you! “How dare you tell me what I can/cannot write/post”? Clearly! That is not what was said! To those people! I wonder what recreational drugs & the method of delivery they use?

Are we that “Mild” in the mind? That we have reached a point in time! Where we cannot even think of using “APATHY”! in our dealings with people?

Two points need to be made here! 1.political correctness! Is nothing more! nothing less! Than a ploy to those around us to “Conform & Comply” as to what those who want others to say & do! 2. common sense! Is still around alive & and well and defined as:

Keep in mind! Common sense has been around for centuries! It’s the stuff that our parents used to help keep us safe!

There is a history about political correctness but basically! It came from a comic strip! I sure hope that the use of it in the comic strip was funner than the crap that’s going around today!



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