How many times have we either heard or said it ourselves? Someday I’ll do this/that! Start a business?

Who! Are we/they trying to impress/bs? Paraphrasing an old saying: “There are people who live their lives in the shadows of what they could be!”. Is this how we want our lives to be?

This is life! We only get a one time shot at it!

The most widely said thing I have heard from co-workers is: “Yeah! Man! I’m going to start my own business man!” I’m sure we have all heard that and others! As well as the sayings that go along with it!

Let’s take a look at starting a business. I have nothing against those who want to buy into a franchise! But! If you truly think about it! What are you really doing? You are buying yourself a JOB! The franchisor does not care if you make money! Or not! Because you are under contractual obligations to pay them! If! You don’t make it! Needless to say the other alternative!

Multi level marketing (MLM)! This is where you can run a business w/o the administrative expenses involved. But! You do have to read any & all of the fine print! There are some that concentrate on the recruitment of others than the selling of the product/service. I can tell you the many mlm’s I’ve been in! The “What they say vs. what they mean!” crap.

But! The main thing in starting a business and being successful that can separate you from the rest of the pack is this! “PASSION!” If you have passion! You can learn anything/everything keep in mind!  It’s not what you learn! But how you learn! But if you like something! Then you are only going through the motions. If you love something then you are at the starting gate! Now! Push it through with passion!




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