Hitting Your Kids is Legal in All 50 States

Hitting Your Kids is Legal in All 50 States.

Remember the days! When we did something wrong? And we know we did? And got punished for it?

In today’s society and world! The means and method of how to that come into play. For some of us, it was dads belt, paddle (As in school), And yes with some parents the switch. But! Those parents knew when to put the breaks on it! FDR said it best: “The United States Constitution has proved itself the most marvelously elastic compilation of rules of government ever written.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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And yes! Even our current laws are that way! If you really read the article! Even the 50 states themselves. Are not sure. But something has to be done.
For some kids! When they were growing up! Perhaps their parents did not tell why they got hit by whatever means they deemed necessary. Was it “The punishment fit the crime?” Only the parents now.
It also could be because! When their parents were goring up! Whatever they got. Their kids got when they had them. Thus! The vicious cycle begins. But the problem of child abuse has been kept in hiding for so long. It was not until the 1980’s that it slowly came fourth and was being discussed.
Are our lawmakers really solving problems? Or dancing around them to make sure when election time comes. Their seat will remain warm for them?


BBC – Culture – Tolkien: ‘Why I wrote The Hobbit’ &!

BBC – Culture – Tolkien: ‘Why I wrote The Hobbit’.



I have always thought about it! And always believed. Putting people in jail (as I heard it said!) is about as useless as boobs on a bulls caboose.

From way back when! To the present. Inmates have really, truly learned nothing! But either to do it better! Or! Find some other line of criminal activity. Perhaps! By someone who has done it and he too! Is there because he may not have done it right and someone there may have figured it out much better and then when time comes. And they are released! They do it! In time are found! And put back and the cycle/process starts all over again!

I guess you could say that! Since they’re ever was a prison. Rehab! Was nowhere to be found. And what there was that could be rehab. Did it work? What is the unemployment rate in this country again?

Basically! All a prisoner can really do while there. Is make license plates? We do need them. But! It seems that even rehab! Is in itself a controversy!

If you think about it! Jails are a descent winter home! You get a warm place to stay, three meals a day, medical care, camaraderie (in a way, sort of!), live off the work-a-day taxpayer.

Is there or could there be a way for rehab? That is like coming up with the “New Math”. People are afraid to try it! Because if it does not work. Then! Back to square one!


When I was growing up! My mom would make hot dogs almost on Saturdays! And I loved them and still do but! When the bun does not open to place the hot dog without it separating. There! Is the problem! When the hot dog bun separates and then it becomes almost like its sister the hamburger bun. That takes the fun away for me.

When it comes to condiments! I have learned to in a way compensate. I open the hot dog bun just enough for me to squeeze the catsup on one side & mustard on the other and close the bun Then open it! No mess. But! That leaves the other messy condiments to contend with.

The point I am making here! Is if the baking co.’s are to make hot dog buns to be hot dog buns. Why not without separating?

Its one thing! To be eating a hamburger and all the trimmings fall out! But a hot dog bun?

In the early 60’s! There was a baking co that promoted their hamburger buns as: “The fun!” ,”Is in the bun!” My question is! Where is the fun? When the condiments are all on you?

LeSean McCoy left a 20 cent tip on a $61.56 tab at Philly burger joint | FOX Sports

LeSean McCoy left a 20 cent tip on a $61.56 tab at Philly burger joint | FOX Sports.

This! Is nothing uncommon! We do have not only sports stars, movie stars, TV personalities and the like! I my self! Have come to know a millionaire family! That is so stingy with the bucks. The son will come over his mom’s house! And try to “Lift” his mom’s newspaper and take it to work with him.


More than likely! He may have thought that: “You should be honored that my friends and I even came here!” And because the server missed an item. He leaves a .20 tip? Who in this world! Has not in their lifetime. Forgotten something either for themselves? Or for someone else?


Perfection not attainable in anyone’s lifetime! It is something to go for! But no one will ever be perfect. Sorry! You know who you are!

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