My first experience of going to the barber shop!
I was three years old. And the barber was not nasty when he cut my hair.

He used his electric chippers and each time he cut a part of my hair He would pull so hard! I would cry even more every time he pulled. My mom, would always cut my hair instead because of what he did. She would use hand clippers & scissors.

It was not until we moved. And I went to another barber shop. This guy was good. Even though I still had nightmares if you will from the last one.

The barber shop was a place where men could talk just about anything/everything.
Some would display ads for men’s hair tonic, prices for haircuts, TV sets to watch a ballgame, mirrors to see how the barber was cutting your hair, radio would play music (Back then! There was not a big deal what music the barber had on!), Magazines (G-Rated some did have a Playboy! But not that many! Because of us kids you know!)
Some had news clippings from the local paper about the home team scoring in some game. One I now had a picture of the stadium looking down inside it

I remember! Guys talking and it was all G-Rated talk nothing that would offend anyone not even kids! Just general conversation! Around my time! Almost every guy either got a regular hair cut! Or a G.I. (Buzz cut).

Kids who were school age got the buzz cut because our parents were worried about us getting hot & sweating and all during the summer.

NOW! The gruesome part!

There are not many barber shops left in the country.
Because these styling salons! Where the stylist at the salon you go to did your hair just right!
And s/he gave you their business card if you wanted them again specifically! Then when you do go back and ask for that person. More than likely they’re gone!

At a barber shop! You knew who cut your hair. Today! It’s just not the same.
It’s hard to start up a conversation with a stranger at a styling salon than in both a Beauty salon or Barbershop.

I or no one! Has anything against stylists except those who cop an attitude that I have found after they did not do what I asked or said.

We will leave those on that island!

We went from! Relaxation, comfort, good conversation (&! B.S.!), the person who was cutting your hair knew you, the customers who came in knew you as well.

There were customers who would come in and buy a round of coffee for everyone there no matter who was there!

As,“HOT” And as lovely as the women stylist are! You just cannot beat a men’s barber shop.

And IDK! If there are still Beauty shops around! But! I am sure if there is not. Well the same can be said in a way! About them as well.


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