When I was young. I loved to go to the bars and just drink and listen to the music/groups that were there or watched the drummer who enhanced up the beat for the young people to dance to. While I was there! ,did not concern myself with finding someone. I always thought to myself:” If it happens!” “It happens!” An interesting way of saying: “All things in time!”

Over the years as friends come and go! ,I have listened the many guys talk (If not boast & brag about!) this girl and I did this and that girl did that.
At the time! I knew little about what my fellow male friends did and the way they talked it sounded like they did not either. All by relayed messenger (other guy friends “+/-” on the fact/fiction!).

I had to be the only teen in America! Who’s mom allowed me to go get a copy of Playboy every month! And YES! I did look at the pictures. But! ,also read the Playboy advisor as well. Even to this day & beyond I will always call him my mentor because of his advisor section that responded to readers questions! But! How their response was to all them.,

But the thing, that still even to this day! Is how hard, difficult, complex in general! Relationships are these days! It will be a battle of the sexes. Women think/claim they know more than men! Men to the same as well.

The real problem between men and women is too much “EXCREMENT” is going around! But at the same time! There is another problem as well. And that is “TRADITION” How men seen and heard how dad treated mom! And how mom looked & felt after what dad did and their daughters on the same end as well also.

And the next thing in line is! Past relationships on both sides.

When it comes to the past! Let it GO! There is no!!!! Rewinds, instant replays, wayback machines, time tunnels, magical, mystical, cosmic, force that can nor ever will bring it back and change anything!

You learn from it and move on is all any of us can really do.

But! That does not mean to be bitter against any people/animals included!

Believe it or not! Like it or not!

Life itself! Always has! Always will! Be on great big classroom 24/7!

What you learn from it depends on you!

You can either let make you!

Or! Break you!


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