American journalist killed in Syria aware of risks

American journalist killed in Syria aware of risks.

Ever  since I was a littler kid. My mom & dad always watched the network news. My recollections are of the Chet Huntley-David Brinkley report.  And the places the networks reporters went to! What they themselves went through to cover the news!

The wars, The riots, The confrontations, The danger zones these people went through to bring us what was happening in the world each and every night & day. Not only the reporters! But the people who traveled with them as well.

I am always in awe of these people who are willing to risk their own lives to cover the stories fro us at home. To see first hand! The casualties of war, famine, The carnage, mass murders, life lost for nothing and on.

It’s hard even for me to say! That these people who risk it all for us should get some type/kind of combat pay for it. They may not carry a weapon on them. But they are right there with if not along side our troops as well.

We cannot disregard what they do for us in bringing us the latest of what is happening somewhere in the world. But!


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