BBC – Capital – The truth about office romances

BBC – Capital – The truth about office romances.

I am sure we have all heard about those office romances. They are ever so easy to get in! But! Hard to get out of without everyone know.


This one Company I worked at. There was this one CSR, who hooked up with a guy who was in charge of the companies phone system. She got along with him so well! That he left his wife and family to be with her. He was able to slot her in a position to be number two in charge of ,the CSR’s. After she got the promotion! She dropped him! And went back to her boyfriend.


Office romances! Are a slippery slope as well. Because of the gossiping rumor mill. Come on! Admit it! We all love office gossip/rumors. ,It’s what makes the day goes by.


We are all looking for that someone even if it’s at work. But! It s the what is being said that can and does hurt anyone and yes! Even men as well as women. Or: “I will not tell anyone!” do not make it! Even if there is an agreement to only meet after work, that still does not make it ok. Again! The spillover into the workplace. Given too! Either the workplace rules or! State employment laws can affect you also.,


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