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This $15.00 a hr. Wage increase really a cure?

NO! Because these are people who are, more or less casualties of “The Great Recession”. And they have been so used to things being this one way for so long! That this one thing is the only way they truly know.

Ever since the 1980’s! We as a ,nation. Have been going through a changeover which includes job/careers! ,And Yes! That includes those who only know one thing and one thing only!

There are way too many success stories about out those who have been “Down & out” ,to successful from that. For that not to be true.

Unfortunately! The unions are still behind the times. As for unions and management is concerned! If you do not have an excellent relationship with one another! Well! There are too many stories where the unions and its members lost as well as management.

And management is not without blame either! Because of profit over employee concern. They are in this blend as well.

I myself! Was one where even in the economic change over from manufacturing to a business & service economy. Was laid off because it. I was not out of a job no more than six months then I found another job.  My only concern was just getting a job then figure the rest out later.

During that time! I mailed out resume’s and responded to classified ads. And even did temp work! And Yes! I too worked at McD’s two times and too advantage of this one franchisees ESOP! And while I was there. I found another job and went to work there as well as worked at McD’s again as well on weekends.

I have said here before! That even if the fast food Industry did cave in! Even our combo meal would be higher than we would be willing to pay.

But! Why? Only go for one area of business!

When you have the whole Industry to go after?

Am I the only one getting this?



It started out as a normal summer vacation. But little did I Know that I would be spending it in macadamia ranch (Euphemism for nut house!).

I was off my meds for over three months, and I did not feel the affects of it until one day! My sweetie got into it. This is something I did not want to do but I had warned her about the antagonizing, arguments, yelling, so on for over 36 years to quit it but! She did not.

To make a long story short! Ended up in the hospitals intake unit. During that time I have seen em come and go. From Friday afternoon to about Saturday afternoon I have seen one who was taking food off others trays and eating it. This guy had an excellent opp. To just walk out when he had the chance! But did not he? NO! He mouthed off at the two security guards and found himself on a gurney strapped in padded leathers most of the night., He got up the next day and wanted to use the phone. Someone was on it and he did this movement with his arms back and forth back and forth like he was the BIG man! Like her could kick the young kids ass who was using the phone. Another one! Was the young girl who had a psychical fight with her bf. And he had her sent via the police to where I was at. There were others but they went out, as fast as they came in.

When I went to the “Quiet unit! The people there were wonderful But the more I was there the more some of them became noisy.

Please! Define the word: “Quiet?” Because what I had seen were patients who were yelling at the nurses trying to get their attention because they did not have anyone come to visit them To just plain “Motor mouths” people who just could not shut up!

The women! Were mostly quiet there were some who helped themselves to others snax while not looking. You got three squares a day and snax later.There were art classes to kill time, we were limited in what we could drink mostly water nothing else. One TV usually room, no TV in our rooms/radio that some were PO’d about what they wanted to watch on the TV. I just kept my mouth shut and hope to rack up those quiet patient points!

There was one patient! That kept handing out magazine ads to us. I think it was because he was one of two who did not get any visitors. And this was his way of perhaps making a connection with others that were there.

The Nurses were excellent! The quality of care was great. The Doctor I had was “WOW!” He was very tuned in to my problem. And Psychiatrist was good. But they relied on then nurses observations of the patients for the evaluations. Which In turn their visits with the patients were less than two minutes.

The food was really good. Just the right number of seasonings. They did serve Ginger Ale at snax time, coffee, pudding, applesauce, graham crackers.

During the whole time I was there! The first few days were dead silence! You could not hear anything but yourself thinking about: “How long am I am going to be here?” In the long & short of it! Those quiet patient points did paid off very well!


I know! With all the mega-multi millionaires there are. At times even I have a hard time with it. We all know that we will always have the poor all around us. But! There is something we all can do. And that is to give back for each thing that is successful in our life. This does show apathy which is so much needed with the way of the world is.,

I remember a PSA (Public Service Announcement) About how if we all give at least 5% of our time, effort, money. Consider the population of the earth: Earth population 7.05 billion (2012), Data from freebase.


Even if the wealth of the world was evenly distributed with or without it. Just the impact it would make? It’s like when someone helps you in some way. The most common sense way is to in time give something or help then as they have helped you.

We all know what to do with those who do us wrong. Need I say more?
Equivalent = Equivalent!


When it comes to relationships both professional & personal! Excess baggage can be a real M-F’er for anyone/everyone. That! is Because when we came into the world. We did not have a manual in tow at all. As we grew up our parents themselves did not know what to do with it. At that time no one ever even heard of it.

So what did we do? We held on to it not knowing what to do. As e got older little did we know that when we did carry it over into our life. That it would do more harm than good.

For example! There was a repot years ago. About a couple of teens that found on the Internet ways to make a pipe bomb. The assembled it. When it was finished! The did not know what to do with it.

That is the exact same way we do with excess baggage! We acquire it! But what do we do with it?

Solution! : ‘LET IT GO”! We cannot let our past interfere with even our professional and personal life. Because in both way. Carryovers do come in the way of the people we meet.

Another example of this is! Let’s say a woman who is doing business with a client/customer. Gets “HIT ON” by her client. Even though! The client does not know that she is in a relationship! She gets “Bent-out-of-shape” about it! There is an old saying: “You cannot get into trouble for something you do not know”! Let’ say because she has been hit on by so many men! That she thinks “They are all are the same”! And what does that make her? “Defensive” towards anyone/everyone who is a man! That! is Excess baggage! If the man did know! Clearly! That is a very different story.

Because of her and her excess baggage. She can burn her business as well as personal bridges before/after they were ever crossed!

Or! In one’s own personal life. Whatever happened then! Is left in then, not now! Unfortunately! Even if one of our family members said/did something to us! Even then! It becomes excess baggage.

What do we do? Let it go! It’s like! If you have a problem. And you say to someone: “This problem is eating away at me”. Guess again! How can a problem eat away at you? It’s invisible!,

With excess baggage. Just let it go. What people said/did to you. Cannot be done over! “REALLY”.

I have did so many things to others as they did to me. But I do not let that get in the way of meeting and making friends and business professionals at all. Why? Because it does not make any sense to hold on to something that you cannot hold in your hands or even reverse the process.

Whatever the problems others have about or against us. The problems are out there! Not in here!


Knowing the rules, procedures, laws, understanding, knowing people. There is more to this but you know!
But! Being different is not as in: “Who are you”? It means being yourself, your own person. It’s my life and not someone else’s. It means having flexibility in choosing what you want, when you want, how you want. Taking the things you have learned along the way and still learning them and using them 24/7. Self-actualization can be defined as:, And what is it:,
It’s not as hard as one may think it is. The best way I can describe it? It means going long the least traveled path in life. But! It also means knowing when to go onto the heavily traveled path just long enough to do what needs to be done. And jump back on the less traveled path and go about your journey/business.
We aren’t completing our hierarchy of needs! But! It does beat what is out there! The followers, the ones who cannot think or even do for themselves, the blending of each others minds (The jury is and always will be out on that one!).
Sum it all up and the conclusion is clear. Self-actualization means being yourself, doing what you want. But! It also means being open-minded, free thinking. Yes! There are times when one does need to challenge the system! But within the means of it! It is not out of reach. Knowing who to trust and whom not to trust. Keeping one’s own good counsel. And yes! At times wearing many hats judge, jury, counsel, best friend, man/woman/husband/wife/mom/dad.
Let me touch on being a good friend! I will not go into details of what a good friend is! We all have our own definition of that. Some on the money! Some others, not so much. Being a good friend means for someone who you want to go to if/when you have a problem with. And it does not go any further than “You, me, the wall”!. If you really think about it. Being a good friend is the very same thing that you want in a friend as well. It is very unfortunate because the world and the way it is. That friend is so very few and very far between. I could go on but I am sure you know the rest of the story!
Being a student does have its drawbacks. There are people who, when they meet someone who is! Two things that come to mind here. 1. They think “This guys so cool”! 2. They think “You’re like all the others!” A clash of definitions! Is this really what it all comes down to.

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