I have not had any of them in my life. I think it’s because of the way my parents were brought up. There have been time when I had my favorite stars! But that was it.

I grew up watching a “LOT” of cartoons. And that may has had something to do with it. Each time I saw rin tin tin, the lone ranger, fury, flipper! I got so depressed you would not believe.

But The prime time stars! That was different. Prime time when I was growing up. Was mostly TV programs, some movies, specials.

I did see the bad guys! But I knew it was all make believe. I learned that on my own. I did learn about how crime does not pay, the good guys always win and get the girl (All but me!), Were there any? Heroes and villains and roll models for me? No!

Do we need them even today? No! Because all of them fail in one way or another or at sometime when you least expect it. If we want any of them! We have to look into the past for ,them.

The two great men from the past! Are Abe Lincoln & Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I do have to admire these two men. Because for example! Abe Lincoln when he was growing up. He was in height, 6 feet four inches (1.93 meters). And with his height he was able to do any things other men could not. Plus! Given the fact that he knew that whatever he did there was some money waiting for him afterwards.,

As for FDR! His world was one big observation deck! Nature always held him in awe of her beauty. He was a man that was upright, honesty, outstanding, morals, ethics, common sense and so on.

As I was growing up! I learned from people who I somehow knew they were the one’s that had so much more than I. They have been around they know where they are coming from and you knew it. I could not use them for any kind/type of role models. They came! They went! You develop this sense of IDK! What you would call it. But you knew this was no ordinary person.

The things we said and did as well as the others who said and did things to us as well had an influence on us growing up.

The one’s who made us what we are today! When we least expect it. To those I can say TY!!!!


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