Why Do Americans Stink at Math? – NYTimes.com

Why Do Americans Stink at Math? – NYTimes.com.

When I went to school in the 60’s and early 70’s!

School even back then were in much needed repair or at the very least a “OVERHAUL”. Because of the life/times e were way back when. That we did not need to even expand or change anything AKA “If it’s not broke don’t fix it” mentality. I can remember one time! A student teacher! Got up and left because he thought that the teacher was wrong about something he said/did.

,I think the very worst thing about school! Is the very fact that the teachers themselves! Conflict with other teachers! What I mean by that is each teacher had their own way of teaching the class. You get used to one! Then! You have a conversion for the other. How the teacher conducted the class, how they taught the class. How they came up with the answer there was no thinking involved at all.,

I can remember when it came to even math! How you get to the answer is this way and nothing else. My daughter! When she was in high school. Had a teacher who got all over her because the teacher wanted her to figure out the math problem one way “HER”S”. It bothered her so much! I told her: “Look! You know you can do it!” “And! I know you can do it!” “Just do it the way she wants you its more than likely she just wants that peace of mind knowing you can do it her way!” My daughter did and it worked!

The subjects that most teachers do agree on! Are Social Studies, Science, American History, Health, Art, English, reading, spelling.

But! When it comes to teaching math. Both math & teachers are one of the same different, conflicting, “CONFUSING!”

And johnny can’t read?

I am not one for conformity! But! When you have teachers who have that degree that says “They can teach!” And more then likely have their own set of ideas of how their classroom is going to be! Someone is sucking down the wrong meds!


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