I guess you could say that I was looking for a continuation of what I posted earlier.

But! This is just as good because I can relate to it. I was a student in a school(s) where you either a good student! Or you were treated as excrement! I meant what I said! At the time there was no real testing for abilities to see if you were meant to be in regular classes. Or slow learners class.

My mom had a hard time convincing the school principle to put me in slow learners class. The principal said: “We will put him in regular class”. Mistake! If ever. My mom even told me I flunked each & every class! But! They still kept on passing me. When she asked the principal why? The principal said: “Because of his age!”. I was always one to two years older than my other classmates.,

Teachers should not put down a child in front of their classmates because of their problem(s) in class where they think that will help “Wake them up!”. Not true! It does more harm than good.

Granted! Teachers are not child mental health experts. But that is to presented to the parents & the principal for them to decide not the teacher.,

Over the years! I found that the boys were called on more than the girls! Chauvinism! Even in grade school!

And YES! There was some what was called “Class Clowns” in school. We (Yes! even me!) did not really want to be there but! You know how that works.

The inconsistencies! Of teachers how “They” wanted their classroom to be. I still think it’s a matter of bragging rights to the other teachers of: “Look how well my students are!”.

If! There was ever a child that was not behaving! It was either the ruler, yard stick, thick paddle (Many a day! I saw many a yard stick break in half when in contact to the kids caboose!). Board of education to the seat of knowledge! “GOOD ONE!”

It’s not as easy today! To teach kids as it was way back then! Even back then. The teachers thought they had it tough!,

But! Because of the world and the society we live! Teachers are not the only one’s w/o sin! Parent(s) too are to blame as well! Genealogy! Has a lot to do with how our kids are raised as well.

When our parents were raised by their parents and so on. It does get past down to us in turn we pass it down to us as well.

It also affects the child’s behavior in class and their ability to learn as well.,

What our kids need! Is somehow for them to think of how this problem can be worked. Our school system is a combo of one big day care center, a human version of pc programing because that is what the school system really does rather than get kids to learn how to use their minds to the max!

I can remember in the 70’s! We were concerned about the environment of where our kids learned. Now! We are more concerned about the system itself!,

Us as parents want our kids to get a good education so that they can compete for jobs/careers. But! At the same time we do not want to open our pocketbooks to do that because of the (even) politics that come into play!


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