I know! With all the mega-multi millionaires there are. At times even I have a hard time with it. We all know that we will always have the poor all around us. But! There is something we all can do. And that is to give back for each thing that is successful in our life. This does show apathy which is so much needed with the way of the world is.,

I remember a PSA (Public Service Announcement) About how if we all give at least 5% of our time, effort, money. Consider the population of the earth: Earth population 7.05 billion (2012), Data from freebase.


Even if the wealth of the world was evenly distributed with or without it. Just the impact it would make? It’s like when someone helps you in some way. The most common sense way is to in time give something or help then as they have helped you.

We all know what to do with those who do us wrong. Need I say more?
Equivalent = Equivalent!


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