This! Has got to be the “Mother” of all words! It beats the pants off any SCI-FI flick we ever seen!

In Reality! We use the word! But we have the hardest time accepting it as well. Definition:, In our own lives we have a problem with it. In business for example. Anyone going into sales the word itself creates fear & trembling in them.,

Having been in sales! I take the word NO! As in “Not right now” “Perhaps later” If you look at the word NO! It’s a short cut for the word “NOT”! You see where I am coming from on this?,

Let’s stay on this or a while. In sales! One does have to know their product/services extremely well to make an impact/impression the customer/client. When it comes to the product. There is a thing called: “The benefit of the benefit!” You need really to listen to them as they speak. And zero in on what they need & want from you.,

In personal life! It’s easy! When we were growing up! The word was a big downer for us. And it stayed with us into adulthood. And there! It sits. Do we learn about it? “NO!” Do we learn how to handle it? “NO!”

As I said! It beats any SCI-FI movie We seen!


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