What I mean by that is!

I am a member of many! Of them.,

I did at one point! Love it! But in due time I have found people who are by their own choice! (Using political correctness ways & means!) injuring me by inflecting me with their: “I am right! &! that is it! You are not going to tell me excrement!” crap! As to what they think are the problems, causes of the world. When I am only here! Reminiscing about days gone by! This idiot! Gets out his DIY soapbox! And tells me what he thinks are the afore said! Clearly! If we were talking economics & politics! Then he may be onto something! But we were not nor where I was about politics & economies at all.,

Granted! I have always said! That when it comes to people who think they know vs. what they do know! Is bigger than space itself! I would much just let them “Rattle & Hum!” Even if they clearly do not know the words!

It is unfortunate! That to these people. There is a difference among “Making a comment vs.passing judgment vs. persecution. They do not know which end is up!

That these people have to in their micro minds! Have to resort to using words that are nowhere to be found at all? But just to make their point! They feel they have to glue labels, names, call something/someone names to get their point across!,

At the very least! Someone either is in need of: a pre-winters nap, back to somewhere among romper room, preschool, or use the Internet to look up the word they are desperate need to make their point or have the one close by just in case!

There is a difference in just reminiscing and making a comment!

If they want to inflict their political & economic diseases! There are many sites out there.

Why be toxic? When one has the Internet to play & infect others with their crap!

The world may never know!

Mindless drivel! Is for the water coolers & coffee klatches! ,Not! Open forums! Open forums are for thought, ops., perceptions, exchanging of ideas, beliefs (If! That is where the topic/subject is headed!).,


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