So far! I have both seen and heard about the misuse and abuse of portable cameras by their owners!

Let’s take this one at a time.

First! Surveillance cameras! The only thing these devices are really good for! Are for business not so much for the average Joe’s/Josephine’s of the world. These are as good as the people who are hired to monitor them. Or! They make a nice if not strange ornament that does not blend with the scenery at all. Should someone be the victim of a crime. Well! You know!

Clamshell/smart/iPhones! These have built-in cameras. People use and abuse them. They are great for taking selfies, pix of friends, family, loved ones, and events.,

EVENTS? Define it!

Because of our US English language being so watered down! That it can barely keep it’s head above the water and maintain its true definition! The word itself “EVENTS” is misleading. Because of how the device is used.,

In general cell phones are being used to taking pictures or recording a crime in action. Or Taking pictures of people they have heard about in gossip/rumor. I have seen this happen!

People who use public transportation record when there is an incident happening on board. Just so they can see it either on the news or on YouTube! Even people who use social networking sites! Will upload it!

Are we that ” hard up” for attention?

Unfortunately! (Not for us!) Are the ones who use and abuse what is for all to enjoy! Becomes a weapon against us!

There will come a time! When someone will point the cam phone at the wrong person! And find out that they know not what they do! It only takes one! To Ruin it for all!

Perhaps! A rage against the machine is in order?


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