Excellent question!


I think it’s because of when I was in Jr. high school.

I wrote a “Private piece” about what was going on at that time!

America was concerned about how our kids were learning and where they were learning in?


I think I wrote it because I wanted to look at it as if to say: “Would I want to read his crap?”

(Keep in mind! This was the 70’s!)

At that time I thought to myself “If I’m going to become a writer i had better get my grades up!”

(I was not an “A” student at that time.)


So I did!

I went from an “F” to a “B”!

But! In comes my mother and she said: “You have to know someone! You have to have pull!”

There went that dream!


As the years have come & gone!

It did not hit me until I found out what the word “Blog” means.


Then! I think I found my calling in life (sort of!).


I write about the “People, places, things, events” in and around our world and across the street.


I think that I give a perception/another view to things.

At times I can write with a passion!

Other times “Breaking even!”

We have all been there!


As most of you know.

I do find words do have a (At times!) powerful impact as to the way we use them.


But at the same time!

I do in a way that’s therapeutic.

It does help me to “let it all out” in a way.


We all have our own “Release valve” within us.

That is why there are journals/diaries in both hardcopy and online.

We all have to let it out somewhere besides the restroom!





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