I can remember!

My mom always clipping coupons from the evening (When there was one!) newspaper.

And my wife doing the same as well.

She always got compliments from the cashiers on how she had them arranged before the checkout.


Now! We have e-coupons!

Does it take the fun out of clipping?

That feeling one gets from doing so.


I can remember when I lived in Connecticut!

There was a store that had Sunday newspapers from around the state and NYC newspapers as well.

I would buy about $7.00 worth of Sunday newspapers.

Because! There was a slight difference in the coupon value.

Example: one Connecticut coupon had one for 50 cents off!

The NYC papers! Had the same coupon at 75 cents off.

Because of the dbl. off value on coupons!

Well!!!! You know!!!!


But! The fun/thrill of it all!

Was clipping those paper coupons.

Now! “The thrill is gone away!”

Or! Has it?


Granted! It is much easier to point & click your way to savings!

But! What about us old timers?

It’s the thought! The thrill of having that coupon in your hands and thinking “I”m going to save money with these babies!”


Are we die-hards?


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