What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

For me!

It was when I found out that I am different!

My mom was the one that told me it.

All the while! Here I was!

Thinking at a young age that I was everybody’s friend.

Only to find out that I was not.

It did bother me but for a very sm. ant. of time.

In time! I’ve come to learn that being different is not that bad as some may think!

I took an introductory course in philosophy.

The thing the instructor  said was: “In order to learn philosophy!” “You have to be your own person!”

And he was right!!!!

The requirements in order to your own person are so very easy!

1. You have to have an open mind.

2. You have to be unconventional, free thinking, unorthodox.

3. Knowing to always stay on the least traveled path in life! But! Always knowing when to jump on the beaten path just long enough to do what needs to be done & jump back again & continue on in your path/course in life.

GRANTED! You not win any beauty , popularity, most likely to contests!

But!!! If you are your own person!

Do you really care?

I always! Tell  people that: “Please! do not follow me!”

Because! there is no way! One can ever be the same as the original! 

You have to truly! Find your own voice in the wilderness!

No one can find it for you!

YES! You will get critiqued & criticized about anything/everything! 

Because! They themselves! Would not ever even think about doing/saying anything that you think, say, do!

And yes! There will always be those who will live out their lives in ever so quiet desperation’s!

Those! Are the one’s who will always say to the :”Would have! Should have! Could have!”

But! The answer will always be with them to death do them part or until time of the end which ever come first!

“But! You did not!”

Is that! The music they want to hear?


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