1. Definition of integrity (n)

    Bing Dictionary
    • in·teg·ri·ty
    • [ in téggrətee ]
    1. possession of firm principles: the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards
    2. completeness: the state of being complete or undivided
    3. wholeness: the state of being sound or undamaged
    synonyms: honesty · truth · truthfulness · honor · veracity · reliability · uprightness

The word itself!

Can & is hard to define.

Because of the life & time we live in makes it to some hard to implement anywhere at anytime.

But! Is it that hard of a word to understand? 

To some yes! To others no!


If we start to live by the “Golden Rule” we are at a beginning to set the standard and pace of how our life can be.

There are times when it is hard for us to “Keep on!” “Keep it on!” if you will.

But if all things were easy!

Everyone would be doing it!

This is the challenge that life has set for us.


Even in the workplace!

Integrity is just a word!

The workplace itself has lost it’s own culture, it’s way of life & it’s being, it’s soul.

I’m sure we can all go down the long list of things that have or has happened over the many years of decline because of the changing of the guard from an old school to the same school never really if ever changing at all.


To all of us!

Both in business & our personal lives.

We can have what we either were not taught to be.

Or learn as we go along and use what is at our need & want.


Because integrity is a precious commodity in itself.


If anyone who has read the book LOST HORIZON by James Hilton.

Knows what I am talking about!

It starts out with a group of gentleman at table at a bar. 

Talking about people, places, things that they have come to learn & know about.

The interesting thing is this!

When they talk about people they have come to know.

But! They speak to each other the same way they talk about the people they know as well.

With respect, regard, dignity, appreciation in having to come to know them and each other.

This! Is class, style, integrity!

Not dwelling on the negative side of people.

  1. Definition of golden rule (n)

    Bing Dictionary
    • gold·en rule
    1. essential rule: a basic rule that must be followed
    2. rule of conduct: the rule of conduct that advises people to treat others in the same manner as they wish to be treated themselves
    synonyms: principle · belief · tenet · code · guideline · guide · standard

As you can see!

This is a very simple rule to follow.

But! As with all things!

“It is so simple that there must be something wrong with it!”

And if you don’t believe me!

Try this:

We have lost our way!

Because we have let others lose our way for us!


Others cannot live our lives for us!

They can guide, direct, tell us what and where to go.

But! It is us who makes the final call in our lives.


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