The making of a team?

Granted! We already have in just about all sports a high point where we could see the “What if’s?” perform.

But! What if all leagues permitted the fans to have their input as to who they think should be on the team?

I have found that over the many years that!

There are fans that go so far as to “scout out” even the minor leagues as to who should be on the team.


Don’t get me wrong!

I myself! Think it’s a great idea!


I myself believe that: “it takes an outsider to let the insider know what is going down (on)!”

I know there are fans that have this keen insight as to which player should be promoted by either the league or the team itself!


I’ve listened to many a sports talk programs over the years.

And the fan sees something that the one’s who are in the business do not see.


How? You might say would either the leagues/teams go about this?

Opt. 1. Either put in print or online via the teams website or online local newspaper a list of potential players that they think would be a good to excellent prospect to be in consideration for drafting.

Opt. 2. The league post on their website a list of potential players that both the league and/or the teams think would be a good to excellent prospect for which team to draft this would make in a way an even more of a challenge for teams to negotiate even more among themselves for the sake of the fans.

Opt. 3(A). Have the league or teams issue stock to the public if they want the process to be more personal.This can go either way.There are fans of other teams that may want to be a part of the process as well as with their home team.

(Granted! This may need some work! Or! Could the fans work on this?)

So that they can have more trust in their shareholders because they are the one’s that believe in their team and are the owners as well as “The” owners themselves.

I think it would reduce the likelihood of “Stuffing the ballot box!”

Opt. 3(b). To issue ballots via email and when the voter has made their choice.

They will receive a reply as to confirmation that they did receive that their electronic ballot.

(This! Is because of the electronic technology being what it is that just about anything/everything can get reproduced to look like the original!)


Could this lead to a home team getting a championship?

Anything/everything is possible!!!!!

This! Is just the tip of the iceberg!

But! It’s at least this puts us at the starting line!

For a dialog about this and perhaps even more!


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