For many decades!

We have always expected our mail to be delivered 6 days a wk. (there was a time when during the holidays there was mail delivery on Sundays!).

But! What if there was one day when the USPS just stopped doing it?

Where would we be?

How would we think, feel?

Missing that bill (yea! right! sure!), magazine(s), weekly sale circular, newspaper(s), letter from that special someone, catalog(s) you get the idea!


It’s that (As I said in other posts) feeling of something personal.

But! Because of the Internet!

It seems it is dying a slow death just like most of the other things that have come & gone.


If you think that you can “Duck & dodge” the bill(s) via email!

Think again!

There are companies that do E-billing via email!

And it does work!


Of course!

With the other things I have talked about!

The magazines, newspapers & such.

We can always get them by the many electronic devices there are.


But! what about our “Junk mail?”

I know!!! No one wants all that junk mail (But! If you think about it! It let’s us know that someone out there knows that I’m here!).

I think no one wants to have junk mail in the form of “Spam!”

To easy to get rid of w/o knowing what it is because of all the junk mailers that we already have!


I think we have always been used to getting just the mail and only the things we need and that is that!

But! The USPS is more than that!



I remember the USPS began selling classic stamps in the mid 70’s!

I bought one!

And loved it!!!!


What we miss the most!!!

Is the fact that!

Even the things that have come & gone!

When we least expect it!

Do become “Collectors Items!”


Those who know about stamp collecting know where I’m coming from on this one!

The many different kind/types of stamps from around the world!

The cancellation stamps.

YES! There are people who do collect them as well.


We can support the USPS by buying the items they have for sale as well as the many things we need & want!

Even if!!!!

We do not want to!

When we do!

And let’s say!

We do buy something and in time throw it away because we think it is worth nothing!

But! Somewhere down the road!

We will get to thinking!!!!!!!

What ever happened to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In current generations as well as future generations!

The things we both see and buy!

Do in time become the “Collectors Items” of tomorrow!

Do not take for granted!!!

The things of the past, present, and the things of tomorrow!


Even our (New) hobby can become our passion!


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