It does not have to be “BIG”!


It can be whatever you want it to be!

Of course the younger you are.

The easier it is to plan for it.


To yourself! define what accomplishment is?

Not the normal “Deadlines to meet”.

Or “Have to be there life/lifestyle.


To give you an idea as to what I mean!

My list of accomplishments are!!!!

Becoming a J.O.P., Notary public, take a cruise, living life on my terms and not someone else’s, to always! Put thought into what I think, say, do, being blessing (YES! You heard right!) in someone’s life or day, always learn something new, different!


They can also be objectives, mini goals that lead to the main goal!

In order for all these things to be met!

We need to ignore what all those doomsayers & naysayers tell us.

These are the dream stealers who do not have a goal in their own life because they were not told nor taught about making one’s life fulfilled!


Perhaps! they do not come to realize it!

Until they are in their old age or too late!


Do we have to wait for our accomplishments to arrive in our lives?


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