Ever since I was about 13 nyrs. old!

My (Next to my 1st. love Margo!) my 1st. love!

Was and still is writing!


What attracts me to writing!

Is being able to create people, places, things with words!


Both! At the positive & negative ends of the spectrum.

Words are very powerful when & how they are used.

Their use is in!

Compliments, praises, descriptions of things, moods and then some!

But! also they can bued to hurt people as well.


It is unfortunate! That we do use the wrong words at just the wrong time as well.

This is where it has been said: “Words can hurt like a fist!”

Why is that?

Because we always want to get the “Upper hand” in any argument we encounter.

Without even thinking 2 X’s about it!


I think that the 1st. book I got my hands on!

Was the paperback book called “THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.” book no.7.

In later years!

There was: The generous years by Chet Huntley, Love story by E. segal, Goodbye Mr. Chips, by James Hilton who also wrote Lost horizon, QB VII by Leon Uris, Future shock by Alvin toffler, The Perry Mason series by Erle Stanley Gardner!


If you think these men and their writing abilities did nothing for us the reader?

Read these books!

Or! Check out the romance & teen novels!


Sorry to say! That even what is classic literature!

Is being done away with by so-called “Banning our books” as not to hurt/offend anyone!

How so????

These are no more! No less!


From the classics to modern literature!

They create images, thoughts, of perhaps another life & time, day & age!


There is a “Silent Coup” of our minds being taken over!





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