With all the controversy about sports teams and their names!

And the hurtful/harmful affects it supposedly has on them!


Is it time to learn English?

Or! ESL?


What ,perplexes me!

Is that this and many other words!

Are just that….Words!

No more!  No less!


Granted! There are some words that can hurt like a fist!

But! Those are to be concerned with as they come.


When sports teams were being formed!

And give n their names!

Where were these people when they were created?

“Nowhere to be found!”


Now! Here we are!


And! All a sudden here comes these people crying like banshees about Chief Wahoo of the Cleveland Indians (Of Cleveland, Ohio USA) & the name of the Washington Redskins (Of Washington D. C. USA).


I know being from Cleveland, myself!

About the controversy about Chief Wahoo!

This one has been simmering on since the late 60’s!

Now! Because this “Political Correctness” (If anyone knows the definition of both these words! Than you do know what you are doing wrong!) they want us to change any & all things we all have come to know & love in our lives.


Let’s clear something up!

First off!

If these people ever took the time and truly think about where is the harm and foul about the use of these words?



The only REAL possibility here is that!

If these words were used in an insulting way/manner.

THEN! They maybe on to something!

But! Meanwhile!

Where is the problem?


What! Is really going on?

A lot of rattle and humming and if that does not draw attention!

Then! They get out the sabers and rattle the crap out of them!

Guess what?

It still has the same effects!


Why? Because! They are just WORDS!




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